Wave Goodbye

Wave Goodbye to these fabulous scents which are going away....for good.

Eau d'Italie
Sienne l'Hiver
Like a cold night in Tuscany- from the leaf-covered ground to the smoke from the chimneys to the unique olive and truffle smells wafting from the local restaurants.
Ormonde Jayne
Qi - Intensivo
Inspired by the Chinese symbol Qi (pronounced “Chi”), meaning ‘breath of life’, Ormonde Jayne’s QI is a tribute to the aesthetic taste for delicacy that permeates Chinese culture from top to toe. Never intended to be a showy or dramatic fragrance, Qi instead reads as a light ...
Vetiver Nocturne Autumn 19
A natural-feeling unisex green floral with a bit of salty-sweet vetiver lurking beneath. For a man unafraid of florals, this is vintage glamour in a bottle.
Eau d'Italie
Magnolia Romana
The opening is as crisp and starched as fresh-pressed sheets in a five star hotel, and then the lovely white flowers begin to open up and luminous white magnolia-- sweet and creamy and exquisite-- blooms against glossy green leaves. A flourish of tuberose and a shimmer of ...
Ormonde Jayne
Isfarkand is a mysterious thing. Its structure is simple and relatively linear – peppery citruses over grassy vetiver and radiant woods – but it transmits such a laid-back, uncluttered appeal that you’ll find yourself wondering if there’s more to it than meets the eye. Ormonde ...
Mad et Len
Red Square
Deep, spicy woods meet stark, chilly incense for a "hot-and-cold" fragrance of uncommon sophistication.
Tauer Perfumes
To live in Switzerland is to be constantly surrounded by freshness. Crisp, cool air runs down from the Alps and across the Swiss Plateau, through thick green forest and across placid blue lakes. In the suburbs of Zurich, where Andy Tauer makes his home, it mingles with the ...
Tauer Perfumes
Une Rose Vermeille
A divinely saucy rose scent that flounces and shimmies and flirts its way into your heart and never lets you go. The opening is bright and juicy citrus with a hint of lavender – and then the vermillion rose unfurls its luscious petals. As you would expect from Andy Tauer, the ...
L'Artisan Parfumeur
L'Eau d'Ambre
A formula that blends the most precious materials used by perfumers - balm and amber. A soft, rounded, mysterious, Oriental tale from the pages of “A Thousand and One Nights.” L'Eau d'Ambre is L'Artisan Parfumeur's expression of classic amber, one of the most beloved notes in ...
From the Thai for "forest," Aran is an enchantingly dark voyage into a dense fantasyland teeming with both creatures and plants never before seen. Beneath a lush green canopy, a leather scent of unparalleled animalism lurks, with potent doses of civet and castoreum intensified ...
TOM FORD Private Blend
Lavender Extreme
Fresh. Divergent. Stimulating. Tom Ford transcends the traditional limits of scent with Lavender Extreme. Lavender is reworked and refracted like is never has been before to become something irreverently new– a stunning, electric creation to be worn at maximum volume. Lavender ...
$335 - $650
TOM FORD Private Blend
Costa Azzurra Acqua
Cool. Salty. Refreshing.
Costa Azzurra Acqua merges cool air and refreshing waters as one. the salty waves of wind and sea collide with the warmth of the sun on the body, tempering its pulsating, red-blooded heat.
An instant hit of exhilarating sea and air mixes saltiness ...
TOM FORD Private Blend
Oud Wood Intense
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Oud Wood, a game-changer in its use of oud for Western perfumery, Tom Ford has come out with a confident, commanding new take with Oud Wood Intense. If you’re expecting the same old song but with a different tune, you’ll be pleasantly, ...
TOM FORD Private Blend
Patchouli Absolu
Patchouli Absolu is Tom Ford's personal ode to an ingredient that is intertwined with his own story. The iconic olfactive note of the 1970s, it evokes louche sensuality and after-dark glamour, as well as the heady blending of masculine and feminine that defined the era. This ...
$220 - $290
TOM FORD Private Blend
Venetian Bergamot
Bergamot- fresh, fruity, spicy and complex- is perhaps the most unsung hero of perfumery of all styles and histories. Without bergamot, eaux de cologne lose their snappy freshness, fougeres forego their bracing sharpness, and chypres fall into flat, heavy dullness. It's ...
TOM FORD Private Blend
Neroli Portofino - Body Moisturizer
Infused with the vibrant, transportive scent of Neroli Portofino, this rich champagne-colored cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Formulated with olive fruit oil, grapeseed oil and date seed extract, ingredients indigenous to the Mediterranean, it leaves the skin hydrated ...
TOM FORD Private Blend
Neroli Portofino - Shower Gel
Infused with the vibrant, transportive scent of Neroli Portofino, this rich-lathering gel gently cleanses. Formulated with olive fruit oil, grapeseed oil and date seed extract, ingredients indigenous to the Mediterranean, it leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
TOM FORD Private Blend
Fleur de Portofino
Vibrant, carefree, and captivating, Fleur de Portofino is like an afternoon dozing in the shade of a white acacia tree set atop a sunkissed Mediterranean coastline. From the intense fruity freshness of the bergamot opening, to the rich floral heart of osmanthus and acacia and ...
TOM FORD Private Blend
Oud Wood - Body Moisturizer
The rare, exotic scent of Oud Wood by Tom Ford features a blend of exotic rosewood, cardamom, oud wood, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean and amber. The body moisturizer features a rich, creamy formula that soothes and hydrates the skin.
TOM FORD Private Blend
Tobacco Oud
It was Tom Ford who pioneered the oud note in contemporary Western perfumery way back in 2002 during his tenure as the artistic director of Yves Saint Laurent, with the groundbreaking M7. In 2007, he was still one of the few to showcase it in his own Private Blends with Oud ...
$200 - $300
TOM FORD Private Blend
Tobacco Oud Intense
Wonderfully soft, intriguingly smooth, the original Tobacco Oud was a soothing, yet thoroughly masculine scent that flirted with darkness, but never truly approached the edge. But sometimes, you don't want to play it safe, and Tobacco Oud Intense is more than happy to oblige, ...
TOM FORD Private Blend
Oud Minerale
Vivid and exuberant, Oud Minerale is that rare fragrance as refreshing conceptually as it is on skin. By blending a precious form of oud with fresh, bracing marine notes, Tom Ford has created a new take on an ever-popular fragrance family, pairing deeply smoky, exquisitely dark ...
TOM FORD Private Blend
Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil
This Shimmering Body Oil captures the sultry effect of sun-kissed summer skin and tempts the senses with a fragrance of scorching sensuality. This silky and lightweight oil illuminates the skin with shimmers of gold and platinum leaf. The captivating fragrance wraps a bouquet of ...
TOM FORD Private Blend
Tuscan Leather Intense
Dark. Visceral. Intense. Tuscan Leather Intense amplifies the intoxicating primality of Tuscan Leather with raw animal attraction and sexual intensity. Juxtaposed with fresh davana, new atmospheric woods deepen leather's distinct richness.
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