Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. Founded by Dominican friars shortly after 1221, the year of their arrival in Florence, the pharmacy used medicinal herbs grown in the monastic gardens to make medications, balms and pomades for the monks' infirmary. Each product the highest quality and we are proud to offer a curated selection including some of their finest colognes, soaps, grooming and bath and body.

Phone order only, please call 866 931 8297 - Or you can purchase items at our retail boutique Scent Bar in Los Angeles.

Product List:
Alba di Seoul Cologne       Healing Hand Cream   Pomegranate Bath Oil Santa Maria Novella Cologne
Algae Shower Gel Honeysuckle / Caprifoglio Cologne   Pomegranate Bath Salts Shaving Cream
Almond Foot Cream Menthol Talcum Powder   Pomegranate Bath Soap Shaving Foam
Almond Soap Musk / Muschio Cologne   Pomegranate Candle Spanish Leather Cologne
Angels of Florence Cologne Musk Shampoo & Shower Gel       Pomegranate Talcum Powder Terra Cotta Pomegranate
Body Milk Nostalgia Cologne   Pomegranate Toilette Soap Toscano Cologne
Broom / Ginestra Cologne Orange Blossom / Zagara Cologne   Pot Pourri Toscano Scented Candle
Candle Holder Orange Blossom Water   Pot Pourri Cologne Toscano Soap
Carnation / Garofano Cologne Patchouli Cologne   Rose Water Vellutina Cream Face Soap
Citta di Kyoto Cologne Pomegranate / Melograno Cologne   Russian Cologne Vetiver Cologne
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