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A Man and His Pipe

Extrait de Parfum

A Man and His Pipe Sizes Available:
9ml $42
30ml Extrait de Parfum $159
0.7ml sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about A Man and His Pipe...
The main accords I get are tobacco, bitter dark chocolate, tonka bean, and woodiness. Though there are many anamalic notes listed here, they blend together in such a way that comes off sort of sweet, probably helped along by the immortelle and tonka bean. There is a very dark bitter, not sweet chocolate in here but the sweetness isn't really coming from the chocolate note to me. Overall I would not call this a sweet fragrance at all. I would describe it as an old cigar box that had nice cigars rolled with chocolate flavored leaves or paper. It is a subtle fragrance that seems simple but it is just very nuanced. Made for someone who doesn't want to be loud, and enjoys a nice whiskey from time to time.
By   - Entrepreneur from Des Moines on 10/23/2020
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