Comme des Garcons: Clash

Chlorophyll x Gardenia

Eau de Parfum

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I went on a hunt for a gardenia perfume to recapture my youth in the Deep South fifteen years after moving away, and after trying the all-stars, this was my winner. The scent of just-cut grass and gardenia blooms fragrant with summer sunshine is exactly what I was missing. For me this perfume is a memory in a bottle. Clash? Maybe to some, but for me, this is gardenias exactly as I experienced them as a child. The bright green of the chlorophyll is exactly what I'd been missing. If you grew up with gardenias the way I did and you want a TRUE gardenia scent that will transport you back in time, look no further. This is magic in a little white bottle.
By   - Transcriptionist  from Portland on 9/1/2020
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