Rasei Fort


Eau de Toilette

60ml $120
0.7ml sample $4
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i found out the "lipstick"smell is actually iris, very nice. the sample i ordered smells much much more wonderfull than the bottle i bought. more floral nice and smooth drydown. the bottle i bought here smells woodier screechier i dont like it. of course i wont return it but its dissapointing because i wanted the drydown from the sample. not sure if it is a batch thing but even batch variation would be dissapointing too because i dont want the headache of looking for a "good" batch like aventus which is a headache and i dont like aventus for that reason now.
By   - strert sweeper from your city on 2/25/2019
earlier i said it was not that good but actually in the drydown it is a really good perfume cologne. Opening is pure lipstick dry down is beautiful.
By   - dont work from the world city on 1/22/2019
It’s magnificent. Starts off cologne style and the citrus opening smells like a full orchard. It quickly transitions into what smells more like a vintage scent but you can’t decide if it’s one for women or men. I’m even getting some aldehydes. It has this mossy green floral vibe but as it dries down additional fruity nuances blend in, one being plum. The fragrance continues to evolve and more woody, resinous and herbal facets start joining in along with a very slight gourmand quality. Kolonya changes not with every hour but multiple times each hour, as each layer of this highly complex fragrance is unveiled. Kolonya is a perfumista’s nirvana because there is so much going on and so many layers, you can’t define it but can’t stop trying to.
By   - Self employed  from USA on 1/14/2019
I blind bought this after reading the description and having sampled a couple of Fort & Manley scents. knowing I like Rasei Fort's style, I guessed this would have that DNA and it does. The description is very accurate, it is personal and evokes fond emotion.. My wife said purple as soon as she smelled me, as the fruitiness of the plum gives that impression. It is masterfully blended so that the Bergamot, Neroli, and Petitgrain never let the fruity notes become too sweet. Beautiful,Very pleased!
By   - Caregiver from Thomaston on 1/7/2019
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