Areej Le Dore

Plumeria de Orris

Extrait de Parfum

Plumeria de Orris Sizes Available:
30ml $200
0.5ml sample $10
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Here's what other people are saying about Plumeria de Orris...
What can you say but "wow"... LuckyScent's description is spot-on. I do agree this is somewhat feminine although I'm a 40yo guy who would happily wear it, just like I do with other floral standouts such as Creed White Flowers, TF Noir De Noir, any quality rose, etc. Creamy floral backed up with some nice soft woods and very light smoke... If you're an ALD fan and this sounds good to you, it's a safe "blind buy". If you want the typical ALD "edge", it's not here. That's not taking away from it. I'd just probably buy this for my girl to smell it on her rather than wearing it myself, but I'd still steal some now and then. It's fairly linear and that is far from a complaint. Very nice. Lives up to the ALD quality you expect.
By   - Entrepreneur  from Los Angeles on 11/8/2019
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