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Absolutely gorgeous. A more masculine version of Andrea Maack's Coven, which is one of my favourite scents ever. This is a scent that I would wear myself just for the enjoyment of it, but would much prefer it on my partner.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/25/2019
A wonderful balsamic heart note adds spark to this stately, well-rooted tree. Far more woody than green overall, though a mossy accord adds some softness to an otherwise somewhat forbidding masc fragrance. I particularly liked the drydown on this; after a few hours, distinct impressions of wood and earth modulate down to a general sense that the wearer has been outdoor in clean forest air, but has returned to the cabin. Good stuff.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/19/2018
I have been intrigued by this combination of layered bases and wishing to sample Tellus. I hope Liquides Imaginaires will make this available again. I love the samples of their other fragrances which I have tested. I want to try to sample this one as well before making a large purchase.
By   - Writer from San Diego, CA on 3/16/2017
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