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An interesting and unique green floral Durga is a very melon centered perfume. The perfume opens with notes of the prominent melon ( that stays throughout the perfume stay) along with tuberose and chrysanthemum. The heart is mostly floral with ylang-ylang, orris and orange blossom. The perfume settles into a musky white floral base with more tuberose, jasmine sambac and musk. Unisex ( feminine leaning) with moderate to strong sillage, projection and good longevity. Important not to overspray. A lovely modern floral dream. Enjoy!
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 3/27/2019
Extremely strong notes of tuberose and jasmine, with something a bit soft and milky underneath (maybe the orris butter?) "Floral nirvana" is accurate. This is modern, tropical, exhilarating- definitely not "grandma's" perfume. Not for the shy. Unfortunately, I was looking for something a little more lady-like, but fans of beachy, exotic florals will love this.
By   - Student from California on 6/6/2018
I am not a fan a florals, but I felt very inclined to sample this fragrance based on the description. If a fragrance is predominantly floral notes, yet manages to stay fresh and green, I can appreciate it, but otherwise, it tends to offend me when it is on my own skin. This fragrance started out quite green and quite powerful. It then really sweetened with the melon and started its own journey of buttery, exquisite, intoxicating and elegant richness. It is definitely not a scent for me, but it is a precious juice. Definitely worth smelling, and if you favor florals, this is your sublime savior.
By   - Herbalist from Miami on 2/21/2017
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