Speed Smelling 2018 Postmodern Collection

Perfume discovery Set

by IFF

Speed Smelling 2018 Postmodern Collection Sizes Available:
14 x 10ml $110
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Here's what other people are saying about Speed Smelling 2018 Postmodern Collection...
This is a great set, a perfect gift for yourself or for a fried. Fragrances are indeed "postmodern", and each one is unique. They are also starkly different from one another. I love & regularly wear about half of the collection. 2-3 scents I strongly dislike, but still impressed by their uniqueness, and by creativity of the perfumers. Even though I do not wear all of the scents from the collection equally often, I do like them as a set, and I am happy that I can try the unusual ones too, because their variety pushes the limits of imagination and breaks habits. This set would be absolutely perfect for a person who likes to experiment, try new things, for somebody who likes unconventional things. The packaging is luxurious.
By   - research from Washington DC on 7/16/2019
I would have to agree with the previous reviewer. When I got an email about the release of 2019's version and saw that this version was on sale I decided to pick up both mostly because you get 14 sizeable samples from 14 extremely creative and talented perfume artists who are told: "go for it." No limits to creativity.Just your creative interpretation based on these ingredients in front of you. You get 14 fragrances that even if they may or may not resemble fragrances already out there it is a unique bottle to add to your collection. I just think this concept is just fantastic and can be truly appreciated by the fragrance collector. The packaging is quite luxurious. This is like a coffee table book of perfumes.
By   - administrative from Yountville on 3/25/2019
I splurged on this set from reading the perfume descriptions, so glad i did. The presentation is fabulous, very striking. Would make a wonderful gift to a fellow perfume-obsessed fan. Ive only made it to two perfumes so far, Im in love with the Alexis Dadier fragrance. Its just divine and so unique. Soft and comforting, I cant stop sniffing my arm. Definitely need to somehow get a full bottle of his scent. 5 stars indeed.
By   - Project controls from CT on 5/5/2018
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