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50ml $205
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I have to say this has been the biggest discovery ever for me. I had been looking for a cherry scented cologne and took a chance with it as part of an order of samples. I just had to buy a bottle.... The presentation was pristine, I was not expecting a leather box since this was my first Xerjoff bottle. The notes were extremely pleasing to my nose and a couple of sprays have great longevity on my person. Not to mention a lot of wonderful compliments (the area here is mostly Azzaro and Sauvage wearers). I will definitely be sharing my sample with friends.
By   - Teacher from FS on 9/15/2020
I really enjoy this scent. Its got a really nice cherry. Smells delicious! More I wear it, more I like it. Give it a try.
By   - Barista on 6/26/2014
First of... I'd say it's more on a masculine side than on the feminine. The scent... In a few words - a classy sweet aquatic. I was expecting something like that from BLEU de CHANEL, but nope, not even close. This one is just...... wow. Great summer fragrance. But not too modern, a bit on a "classic side" type of scent.
By   - from NY on 6/21/2014
Well well well. When i sprayed this fragrance, the first thing i said to myself was "this smells very familiar". THEN IT HIT ME. This smells just like A Men pure havanne. they are very similar to each other. Theres one difference: THE CHERRY NOTE IN THE XERJOFF KNOCKS THE CHERRY IN HAVANNE ON ITS ASS. It lasts longer in the xerjoff and it smells better. This was an unexpected fragrance battle. A MEN HAS MET ITS MATCH. Get a sample and see for yourself!!!!!
By   - from New york on 9/16/2013
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