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Iris 39 Body Lotion
Iris 39 Body Lotion Sizes Available:
8 fl oz $69
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More violet than iris, hints of Iso E Super (woody and sandalwood-like) and a fresh, green opening make this fragrance feel like it belongs on a graceful, well-dressed lady, but it will work for a t-shirt and jeans kind of person, too! The moisturizing ability of this is only moderate. (6.5 out of 10). Fragrance is quite strong. I suspect this is more for scent than skin care. If you have sensitive skin, try a patch test as many perfumed lotions can be irritating. This formulation is not meant for the face. I am enjoying my bottle. I just wish samples of the lotion were available. I took a chance with my sensitive skin.
By   - Cat Herder from Norcal on 1/19/2019
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