Rose Rebelle Respawn

Eau de Toilette

by A Lab on Fire

Rose Rebelle Respawn Sizes Available:
60ml $125
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Rose Rebelle Respawn...
Smells like rotten fruits don''t know how or why but it''s horrible
By   - Reviewer from New York on 6/10/2016
Love. On me its rose raspberry chocolate and it lasts all day. like a decadent desert shared after a romantic dinner. Yummy
By   - Aviatrix from chicago on 3/25/2016
Nose immediately assaulted by metallic, ash, burning, oxidized rose. This is what President Snow''s roses would smell like - death with only a hint of rose (Hunger Games).
By   - from Midwest - USA on 9/12/2014
Since I love What We Do In Paris Is Secret, I was curious to try this. Its a very pretty fragrance, but I can''t detect any difference in it and 100% Love.
By   - atty from New Orleans on 8/15/2014
every thing this perfume isn''t, makes it the most perfect for what it is ..I love it . On days where everything is wrong, it would be the one thing right
By   - from bloomsburg on 3/15/2014
The deliciously inviting description promises way more than the perfume itself delivers.
By   - accountant from central New York on 9/12/2013
This has a lot in common with 100% Love in its treatment of the rose, but instead of the peppery note it has a softer, powdery heart. That''s a plus, since 100% Love makes my co-workers sneeze. I was initially concerned because of the emphasis on musks in an EDT. I worried that they would take over. It had that soapymusky smell in the bottle that I hate, but on the skin it is subtle, well-integrated and balanced: The musk behaves itself and lets the rose shine. My only complaint is that as an EDT it is so subtle I find myself wishing it were a perfume so I could get a bigger dose of it.
By   - Web Developer from Boca Raton on 7/30/2013
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