Sable & Soleil

Eau de Parfum

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This gem is all that I am looking for in a summer fragrance. Light , not terribly complicated. Yes , all the notes are there but I find them to present themselves all together presenting as a lovely blend. It stays close to the skin. VERY CLOSE which is perfect for those hot summer days however, the longevity is fleeting VERY FLEETING... oh how I wish that I could get it to stick around long enough for me to share it with the world!! 30 -45 minuets is all I get .. and then .. nothing !!(to my nose, anyway). Being that I rarely find a fragrance that I truly love, (and love is blind and frivolous) I still purchased a bottle and use it daily in hopes that it is one of those scents that others can detect (if ever so slightly)
By   - Personal trainers  from Rhinebeck on 7/7/2018
A sophisticated beach smell...One doesn't wear this to feel sexy, but to feel nostalgic. It does become sweeter, as the flowers come to live, but it never looses its saltines.
By   - Therapist from Brooklyn on 8/6/2016
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