Andrea Maack Parfums

Soft Tension

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Soft Tension...
A really lovely skin scent. One of the fragrances that got me into musks.
By   - Gardener from Surrey on 5/15/2021
A soft, pretty, skin scent, somehow both floral and gently cosmopolitan, and cushioned with a mossy green note that’s pure joy. I’m personally finding a lot of reminders here of other fragrances I love -- a white musk similar to that in Musc Infini, a mate absolute very much like the wild mint in Skandinavisk’s Hygge candle -- which just increases the happiness.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/7/2018
The description above is accurate. This is foggy, hazy, soft, and lovely. As opposed to Coven, this has round edges. It's floral, but not sweet. The musc and cedarwood round everything out and make it mellow and soothing. So far, this line is really distinct and unique. I don't have anything else quite like Andrea Maack's perfumes. I've been to Iceland and I can smell the elemental pull of the fragrances. There's really no place else quite like it. Also, the bottles are incredibly well engineered. The spay nozzle emits the finest mist of any bottle I've ever experienced. That's good because a giant spray blast would be just too much.
By   - Student from Nashville on 1/14/2018
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