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Eau de Parfum

50ml $135
0.7ml sample $4
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It's nice, like incense burning on good writing paper.
By   - teacher  from Chi on 6/26/2017
Delighted by (addicted to coal)! It really does bring me back to the art studio: I can taste the coal dust, smell the crispness of the paper and feel the smoothness of conte crayon in my hand. The faintly sweet, resinous turpentine of old projects lingers about. The warm (base) and crisp, peppery incense are blended so well that nothing is discordant. It's like smelling then sipping a dash of Frangelico, smoothly warm and aromatic at first, with the fiery tingle of alcohol, then the lively belly warmth. But it's better!
By  on 8/11/2013
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