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I don't always agree with the luckyscent descriptions, but I think this one is right on the money. Warm, subtle and sensuous, this is definitely a scent for getting cozy with someone special on a crisp fall evening. Doesn't have huge projection but I think in this case that's a good thing.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 3/4/2019
Well behaved and soft spoken leather with some clean florals. Perfect for work, but it was only detectable for about 90 minutes.
By   - physician from Chicago on 2/13/2017
White musk bomb. A little creamy, very fluffy, the scent of angels sitting on clouds. Slightly sweet. I like white musk, and this one is really nice and doesn't smell like any drugstore musk.
By   - Broker from San Francisco on 7/19/2016
Smart is an absoutely delicious fragrance. It's one of those fragrances that you want to smell all day. People ask constantly what I'm wearing. It's light and sexy at the same time.
By  on 4/19/2014
I would give this to my niece to wear on day out with her friends... If I had a niece. Pleasant, innocent with a dash of sophistication. A younger woman's fragrance.
By   - Oncology Nurse from Mission Viejo on 2/21/2014
A Fallish-powdery scent, with no redeeming qualities.
By   - accountant from centarl New York on 9/9/2013 this fragrance is my everyday go to. I've noticed actually that as the weather warms up this scent takes on an almost beachy feeling, something I didn't notice in the cooler months. The scent is warm and comforting, but also very clean and fresh. Fresh and Warm aren't usually two notes I find in a fragrance but this one does it so well. I get lots of compliments while wearing this, people leaning in to sniff me. I've heard everything from shaving cream to showers on this one and i guess that must be the leathery note. All in all this is a great, deliciously complex perfume.
By   - beauty editor from West coast on 6/29/2012
Smart is a lovely, soft musk with powdery violet, sandalwood and leather nuances, but it's really nothing more than that and doesn't justify the high price tag.
By   - from NYC on 3/8/2011
Beautiful and subtle. I was rather surprised, as I've worn perfumes with leather or buckskin notes in them, and they never seem to smell like the real think. In this case, it's a happy accident. It has a lighter feel, and with my skin gives off an almost incense note during the drydown, which lasts for some time. It also has a very faint sweetish note, which tempers the darker notes. Very bottle worthy. Goes on the short list.
By   - Kept Woman from Denver, CO on 3/7/2011
Alittle violet, jasmine, sueded leather, clean, fresh, not soapy. Perfect! Will be my next FB!
By   - from SouthWest, USA on 3/4/2011
Mmmm, soft, cozy, and clean, without being soapy. Brings to mind a variety of odd associations in the opening: Murphy's Oil Soap, Love's Baby Soft, the now-discontinued line of Fresh Milk lotions and soaps. The drydown is worth the wait, as the medicinal notes fade away and one is left with a scent that is all at once warm, soft, and bright, like a string of softly glowing globe lights. I don't get a ton of leather (sorry, buckskin) but there is a twinge of the butter-soft suede note found in scents like Serge Lutens Daim Blond and Annunziata Kama. If you like your leathers exceedingly soft, try Smart.
By   - from Chicago on 2/28/2011
The only notes that I could pick up on are the buckskin and musk, the fragrance wasn't very feminine and a bit boring.
By   - from Chicago on 2/16/2011
RAID and my grandma's furniture polish. Sorry, it just has a chemical, early 80's kind of association for me.
By  on 2/14/2011
Have you ever experienced a fragrance that for the most part you enjoyed but had that little note of nostalgia that you couldn't quite put your finger on and weren't sure if it was a good or bad thing? I experinced that with Smart. I couldn't figure out what that note in the background reminded me of. It seemed like something from the past. Something chemical, almost plastic. And I think that ultimately there is something that reminds me of RAID pesticide in the basenotes of this perfume. It reminds me of my grandparent's summer cabin when I was young. My grandpa would spray for wasps and the scent of RAID always remained in the background. Oddly I don't completely hate this scent but it is an odd association. I'm going to try it again another day to see if I have the same reaction.
By  on 2/14/2011
This is my favourite of the Andrea Maack collection. Subtle yet complex, the sandalwood and musk keep the floral notes from becoming too sharp.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 2/5/2011
Smart really does smell like a sweater that contains the gentle ghosts of several oriental fragrances. It's a pleasant blend of powder, musk, sweetness and spice that lasts all day without being loud. It's the kind of scent that makes people want to lean in for a hug.
By   - from Seattle, WA on 1/30/2011
After two years of chasing the notes of a fragrance that I could love as much as the discontinued Escada Private Collection, this one dropped into my lap. They share very little in common & I wouldn't usually look twice at something with violet, jasmine or sandlewood notes. And yet here it is -- that truly sultry & magnetic fragrance that makes men lean in closer & closer. I love it even more than Private Collection as it doesn't quite go into the maybe-too-sweet phase. As a woman, I don't find this terribly masculine at all -- the leather stays nicely in the background. All I know is that I can stop searching now & am ordering a bottle!
By   - Interior Designer from Seattle on 1/29/2011
I'm the first to review this? Oh my. I'm shocked no one else has showed up ahead of me to rave about this fragrance. I'm usually not a lover of jasmine, or of violets, or of fragrances with any sort of leather in them. I also tend to be picky and will give up on a scent if it doesn't work perfectly. I love this. It's amazingly well balanced and as the description says, it smells exactly the way a good leather watch band smells when you take it off after wearing a musky-floral perfume. It has amazing staying power but isn't heavy and overwhelming. I'd also add if you're a woman who would love to wear more masculine fragrances because you adore the way they smell on men, but they don't quite work on you, this is one to try. I'm ordering a bottle.
By   - Professional from midwestern college town on 1/27/2011
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