Eau d'Italie

Box of 3 soaps
3x 3.5oz $42
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Here's what other people are saying about Box of 3 soaps...
This soap is very moisturizing and gentle even on the mucous membranes if you know what I mean.But I was looking for a strong scented soap, a feminine fragrance. The fragrance is very neutral and ridiculously light.Just not what what I was looking for.
By   - Mail carrier from Denham Springs Louisiana on 6/6/2020
This is a wonderful soap that is gentle on the skin leaving it silky soft. Great for those who have sensitive skin, that tends to break out. It smells wonderful, and is very long lasting. Well worth the money!!!!!!
By   - self employed from Altoona Pa on 3/9/2014
This soap is exquisite. Clean, long lasting but subtle fragrance. Makes the bathroom smell good. Beautiful shape. It makes me happy every time I take a shower or wash my hands. My husband thoroughly enjoys it also.
By   - Textile Designer from Bodega Bay on 2/13/2010
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