Eau de Parfum

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Just got a sample of this. Love it. Beautiful sweet flowers. Definitely going to spring for the bottle. It is just so pretty, makes me feel young and beautiful. This is definitely something you will get compliments on.
By   - Nurse from Visalia on 6/6/2021
Not what I was hoping. So far it just smells like the synthetic jasmine body sprays I'd get in the 90's. No ambergris and definitely no sandalwood or spices.
By   - Chef from Langley on 12/17/2020
Was really hoping for something exquisite but all I got was an extremely strident, urinous jasmine that wouldn't wash off. No spices detected. I guess the nuclear lasting power and strength is where the ~$400 price tag comes in. I keep trying with Amouage but we're not feeling each other.
By   - Introvert from New York on 11/17/2020
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