Loree Rodkin

Gothic IV- Perfume Oil

Perfume Oil Roll-On

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This is a review of the oil, not the edp. This the perfume of bears. Grizzly bears. Black bears. This is crushing up a handful of pine needles and fir twigs and rolling around in damp, mossy tree roots. For the first ten minutes, it was almost like someone sprayed a pine scented cleaner on me - then the complexity came out. It's really a gorgeous scent if you want to smell woodsy. Fairy tale woodsy. Lost in the woods, woodsy. Seriously, sublimely woodsy... in clean, fresh, vibrant earth. For me, not for every day... but I will enjoy it when I want something unusual. Like most of these Gothic oils, try a sample - they smell different on everyone.
By   - Librarian from Fayetteville on 8/3/2016
This is a patchouli beast!!!! The opening is beautiful and a very spicy patchouli. You then begin to smell a touch of flowers but not too much, then the patchouli hits, big time. .A few hours in the patchouli starts to turn woodsy and mellows slightly but basically its all about the patchouli. If your sick of patchouli that has been covered in amber or vanilla and totally sweetened up, then this is for you !!! Its dark, earthy, crisp and dry.
By   - sales from sydney on 7/25/2016
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