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I have worn this for over 14 years. It's not a "hippy" patchouli smell but a deep rich scent. I lighten it up with a ginger scent and they pair well for those that love having a unique scent.
By   - Customer Service  from Tacoma on 11/29/2019
andrea sent me this and i am always loving when Lucky Scent "gets" me. i thought OK why Patch? but this warms up on me softly ..it is NOT sharp it is not harsh.. it turns very gentle.. i can smell the vanilla skin smell and i found myself sniffing that wrist of mine as time went by .. i love it. but everyone is different and our body chemistry changes so this is why i love the samples.............. it is definitely worth the sample to try if you like warm comforting scents..
By   - talent agent from st pete on 8/18/2019
Let me start out by saying that I think I am writing a biased review because every time I have ever smelled Patchouli fragrances, they instantly remind me of something very masculine and old and I still cannot seem to shake that impression. This opens (as the Luckyscent reviews states) very intensely and very ANTIQUE indeed; but it does mellow out a lot after 15 mins or so. The top notes are pure old attic smells. Once it mellows out, the Patchouli and vanilla combine to become a much softer scent. The smell makes me think instantly of older women and bordering on older men. You know, that typical fragrance many elderly people tend to wear, or at least what they used to wear a few decades ago. It just doesn't work for me but I think that is because I simply don't enjoy the scent of patchouli. It makes me think of an elderly hippy. It is softer than other patchouli scents out there though, which I think is a plus. Alas, another patchouli scent that I wanted to give a chance to enjoy but I just can't without feeling like I should be seventy five years old.
By   - from puerto rico on 4/26/2013
I have been wearing this perfume for years. I first bought it in St. Martin, then ordered it directly from the shop in Paris. I have never had so many compliments on a scent from so many different types of people. A hostess in a restaurant once told me "You light up them room!" She made my day ,
By   - Retired from Upper Saddle River, nj on 11/23/2012
This might seem a bit counter-intuitive, but I enjoy wearing this scent in the spring and early summer because it is a "dirty patchouli" scent, but not in a dirty hippie way -- rather in the way soft, freshly-turned earth smells after a rain storm. I don't find it a sexy, mysterious scent, but I do find it comforting and natural.
By   - professional from midwestern college town on 5/25/2012
On first application, this smells EXACTLY like a musty antique store. Amazingly so, and I commend the designer for getting this so precise. The leather, wood, old upolstery and even a faint whiff of moth balls. Dry down does not do well on my skin. Here's what is smells like: 57 year old man on a 2 day bender realizes he has to be back at work in an hour. Goes home, changes his shirt and slaps on some cheap aftershave to try to cover the smell. Booze, powder and unwashed hair. No thanks.
By   - Software Develper from Palm Beach on 7/16/2011
In many ways this strikes me as a very old-fashioned scent -- and I mean that in the best possible way. This bold fragrance puts me in mind of an Art Deco time where women weren’t afraid to throw a seductive glance down a long cigarette holder. The patchouli is, of course, divine, and it stays true throughout the life of the scent. This is primal patchouli, rooted in musty earth and decayed woods. Initially, the vanilla and musk are only noticeable as a background warmth and smokiness. However, dry down exposes a slightly powdery heart that -- and, again, I mean this in a most complimentary way-- is very similar to the impure vanilla residue in a nearly empty vintage bottle of Shalimar I found at an estate sale 20 years ago. I am very much in love with patchouli in all its forms, but I am especially fond of this version for its complexity, earthiness, and longevity.
By   - from Gainesville, Florida on 12/26/2010
I do love my Patchouli and this one is fantastic! I like that peppery mildewy scent in fact that is how real patchouli smells (I have a plant). You HAVE to be a true patch lover to wear this. What passes for patchouli parfum now is just a load of rubbish!!!
By   - from London on 8/23/2010
Initially, awfully bold, and dry, as another reviewer so aptly put it. Nice dry down, soft, yet not my cup of patchouli :(
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 3/28/2009
This is indeed a wonderful gentled patchouli, and I've been wearing it for a year. I recently discovered it becomes a showstopper when layered with Comme des Garcons Avignon--it plays well with others.
By   - filmaker from San Francisco on 3/11/2009
I usually love a patchouli, but this smelled "old lady" to me...the dry down was too much powder.
By  on 12/14/2008
OMG. THis is the absolute best. I guess I enjoy the mildewey note, but this is my favorite patch, ever. If you want a cleaner scent, go for L'Artisan Patchouli Patch. To me, this is what patchouli is meant to be. I can't believe they have lotion now, woo hoo!!!!
By   - forest gnome from the forest on 11/13/2008
I got more compliments on this perfume than any other, and from an incredibly wide range of people of all ages in a variety of places: waitpersons in Berkeley, ladies of a certain age in at the opera, flight attendants on JAL, men on the Metro in Paris. Patchouly without the head shop vibe, with a subtle note of melancholy mustiness. Fabulous.
By   - writer from san francisco on 9/25/2008
I'm a patchouli lover, and I found Patchouli Antique to be a very straight-up patchouli with only hints of vanilla and musk. I found the patchouli to be very dry and almost strident, thus offsetting any fears of too much vanilla sweetness or the dreaded white musk powder smell. After an hour or so, the scent really does mellow and and does indeed take on a rather antique quality, evoking the inside of a fine linen drawer. I suppose I'm too fond of the really dark, dense patchouli end of the spectrum to truly appreciate this scent, but for people who want to avoid the dark dirty hippie patchouli, this would be the scent to try.
By   - from midwest usa on 2/7/2008
i get no mildew or musty from this; just a deep, rich & satisfying scent. hearty and earthy--luv it!
By   - radiographer from cambridge on 1/19/2008
As with one of the other posters I too noticed that mildew/musty odour of this. Way too bad, because I really do like patchouly.
By  on 11/27/2007
I *really* wanted to like this, but in the vial it smelled cloying and on me it smelled acrid. Won't buy it, but it was kind of fascinating to smell.
By   - Education on 8/30/2007
Fabulous cold weather scent. Wear this to go out to dinner with your lover when you know dessert will be in the bedroom! Sexy.
By  on 7/21/2007
This has become my signature perfume; every time I wear it the compliments abound. Men and women come up and ask what I am wearing and tell me the scent is fabulous and unusual. No one has ever heard of it which adds to the allure and mystery. I adore the pungent and spicy fragrance that is absolute perfection for my body chemistry. Thank you Les Nereides for transforming patchouli to such a complex and layered aroma.
By   - Inspirational Speaker from Copperopolis CA on 3/29/2007
Wow, i never thought anyone would try to make patchouli into a foody scent, but lo and behold, here we are! Very interesting, it takes patchouli into a completely different direction. It really balances on a fulcrum, very artful and fine-tuned. This scent must have had quite a bit of trial-and-error before they perfected the final blend! The first thing I thought of when I opened my sample vial was a sweet ice wine. So interesting! I can see where the "antique" comes in, there is something very classic and haunting, it evokes memories for sure. I don't know if I can live without this one...
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 3/19/2007
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