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Wonderful, exquisite, addictive stuff. This scent plays down opoponax's sharp "spray adhesive" qualities, and instead plays up opoponax's subtle caramelized facets-- it is an inch away from being a gourmand-- with its airy topnotes of juicy sweet orange, tangerine and vanilla... conferring a nearly "creamsicle" deliciousness, touched with discreet, dusky honeysuckle. This is even more wonderful than Carthusia LA LIGEA (LA SIRENA). At base, santal and benzoin create a warmly reassuring oriental quality, almost hearkening to Coty EMERAUDE. Must have!
By   - artist from boerne, TX, USA on 10/6/2018
Beast mode longevity. Starts off with a very strong almond extract top that mellows after 20-30 minutes. This scent changed on me all day, sometimes sweet, sometimes powdery, the whole time smooth and bit of a masculine edge but not distractingly so. Lasted 12 hours easily. Despite the lasting power it doesn't have huge projection. I like it but don't love it. I will wear again
By   - Expert from Cleveland on 1/7/2018
A+ for me. At first this scent opens smelling more masculine on me, but it's a wonderful masculine scent. I'd love to have my husband smell like this. It is warm, bright, and enveloping. After maybe 20-30 mins or so, the scent becomes much more feminine. I smell mostly the sweet myrrh, sandalwood, and amber. It is really quite lovely and warm and ambery. I keep going back for another sniff. I don't smell any vanilla or really any citrus either. They must be so well blended that those individual notes do not stand out (on me anyway). This scent lasted many hours on my skin and the sillage is just right. I would say it projects to about arm length away. OverallI agree it is a unisex scent but it works for me.
By   - . from Montreal on 7/14/2017
gentlemen, try it. buy it. this fragrance is downright hypnotic.upon application you notice the strength of this juice but you can also appreciate the smoothness of this fragrance.after trying the sample, i Had to purchase a bottle. this scent garners many,many compliments. great longevity and nice sillage.
By   - Medicine from Washington DC on 8/11/2015
I got this scent as a sample with a purchase, and I must say after reading so many great reviews, I'm surprised at how different my experience was. On me, I'd say it is definitely very masculine, really quite reminiscent of my grandfather. Though I admire many things about the man and he's surely one to look up to, I'd rather not smell like him. There is a definite powdery sweet bend to this perfume, but it's not girly, not even at first. The longer I wear it, the more masculine smelling it becomes. I tried giving this to a female friend and she agreed it smelled quite masculine but also very powdery and ultimately not for her. So, I took it to work to see if I could pawn it off there. On my boss, who happens to be a male, it surprisingly took on a more feminine tone. On him, the scent reminded one of us at the office of baby powder, while I smelled a kind of pine-like citrus scent with some faint powdery undertones. Not the best, but better than my eau de Grandpa experience with the scent. I put some on as well at the office so my coworkers could marvel at how different it smelled on me. One coworker agreed that I indeed smelled like her grandfather, and another said it definitely smelled very different on me than on my boss. Over all I'm not a fan of this fragrance, but with so many good reviews it must work for some. If you went by my experience alone however, it's too masculine to be feminine and too feminine to be masculine. Like some powdery mildly unpleasant enigma.
By  on 4/9/2015
Got this as a sample when I bought Douceur de Vanille (same company). Tried it on my wrist then immediately came here to read the description. "Opoponax smells like a cello sounds" is a perfect sentence for this fragrance. It's warm, deep, beautiful. Every time I sniff my wrist, I close my eyes and think of that one person we all have. The one that hurt you so badly, but you'd still take him back because you are still so addicted. That's this perfume: the haunting memories of all that pain you'd give anything to feel again because it was just that perfect. While it lasted. Cue the cello solo...
By   - from Bay Area on 4/24/2014
I wanted to like this so much i didn't Sample so i order i bottle. When it came I spayed it on, I got it sweet sweet to the point i had to wash it off. I was so Upset i gave the bottle to my husband It smells great on him not me If y love sweet this is it if not always Sample at least my husband smells Good
By   -  parfume sales from sa tx on 3/13/2013
Oh yeah! This is a wonderful scent! I received it as a sample with a purchase and tried it. A few hours later when my husband got home, he kept asking what I was wearing that smelled so good! The scent is so unique with warm resins and sweet myrhh. On me, the vanilla is very muted and blooms as a lasting note. This lasts a full day - 10 hours or more - as a mellow scent. It has just the right amount of sillage for the workplace where you don't want to blow everone within range away with your fragrance. This is my new favorite, go-to scent. I find it right for all weather types and had to buy the full bottle. Love it!
By   - from East Bay on 8/17/2012
YUMMY1 This is is delicious. I can really smell the sweet myrth and I like it. I wasn't sure what sweet myrth would actually smell like but now that it's on me, I know I like it. This is a feminine and airy fragrance. I don't agree with luckyscent's description of this being like a cello. I don't get that blow you away feel when I apply it to my skin. It reminds me of an luxury soap. I can smell powder (in the same fashion as Les Nereides other amazing fragrance, Douceur de vanille) ut this one isn't quite as sweet as the former. I adore both fragrances1 This works on me for day or night, hot or cold weather. I feel that this is a perfume that is very easy to wear. The staying power is good and the sillage is soft but not too soft that you cannot detect it on your skin. It has an element to it that reminds me of classic French perfumes, all heady and strong, and in your face. However, I simply cannot wear those types of perfumes; and that's how this one differes. It's smooth, lush, subtle, and classic all at the same time. This just might be FB worthy.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/6/2012
So warm and sensual it's my signature scent!
By  on 1/17/2012
This is one GORGEOUS fragrance! I wasn't sure if I would like this because I did NOT care for SL La Myrrhe when I tried it. Well, I immediately fell in love with Oppoponax. I know now that oppoponax is _sweet_ myrrh, which apparently is what made the difference for me. I love sweet. I've loved Shalimar all my life, and now I know it must have oppoponax in it, because I'm faintly reminded of it when I smell this. I say faintly, because this is much lighter, but still very sexy. I also love Les Nereides Douceur de Vanille and look forward to layering it with Oppoponax. I immediately bought a FB of this one.
By  on 5/6/2011
I luuuuv this. IO deserves all of the raves it gets, it's a truly wonderful and enveloping fragrance, the best opoponax scent out there (sorry, Ligea's Carthusia, as lovely as you are...). Great for daytime and evening wear but it's best when worn to bed :)
By   - from NYC on 1/15/2011
Wow! Rich, powerful, deep, resinous gorgeousness. This is a real winter comfort blanket of a scent, & l can see myself curling up with this beauty on many a cold winter's evening. There's a Shalimar-like citrus in the opening, then a smokey amber, then a soft vanilla & some woods...it really is addictive, l have to keep spraying it to experience the development all over again. The sillage is subtle but very sensual up close, & it lasts & lasts...a golden jewel of a scent!
By   - from southampton uk on 10/15/2010
This is such a wonderful perfume! We have been exposed to so many scents that smell like food that I think we have forgotten what real perfume is suppose to smell like. I like cake but I don't want to smell like one. This is a very comforting scent that does NOT smell like cheap aftershave. If I found an aftershave that smells this great I'd buy every bottle I could find. Women can wear this but IMHO this is a male fragrance.
By   - from London on 6/10/2010
This is a gorgeous dark scent, and keeps getting better the longer you wear it. It's a rather old fashioned scent...think Hollywood in the 40's or even silent movie sirens. It does go on a bit strong but mellows beautifully and lasts forever. It isn't masculine on me, and I wouldn't like it on a man...this is oriental/woody all the way, with a just right sillage. Probably too heavy for summer, but great for winter. If you like resins, incense, vanilla, woods and NO FLOWERS, you will probably like this. I dislike citris and don't smell any here...also don't smell chlorine...lol A winner in my book. I applied before bed, and my SO gave me a rare "you smell gorgeous" compliment the morning after! Worth the price of admission....
By   - from Denver, CO on 11/12/2009
L'opopnox le plus beau! Comme un parfumeur de plus de 25 ans, je dois dire que c'est l'exemple le plus beau d'opoponax dans un parfum que j'ai éprouvé. Je ne serais pas capable de créer un meilleur mélange moi-même. Beau du commencement jusqu'à la fin ... lisse, durable et accessible.
By   - parfumeur from Rouen on 10/16/2009
This is a gorgeous scent..I disagree with the "grand dame" comment...instead would say it is not for someone who wants to smell like fresh laundry or a cookie. This is a glamourous old school fragrance to be worn with scarlet lipstick and an attitude! This is a fragrance for a femme fatale.
By  on 8/28/2009
Perhaps it is my body chemistry, but this smelled like an on-sale, bargain-store vanilla candle on me. A scrubber. Horrible. Try with caution.
By   - College Professor from PA on 6/5/2009
Very strong,old fashiioned,cheap smelling! I could not even scrub it off fast enough!
By   - perfume reviewer from cincinnati on 6/3/2009
Hmm, this would smell delightful on my boyfriend. Much too masculine on me. At times though it does remind me of the wonderful Fifi Chachnil. This would smell wonderful on a guy.
By   -  Student from Bay Area, CA on 5/16/2009
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