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Douceur de Vanille

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Douceur de Vanille...
All I get from this is a powdery vanilla, incredibly light and subtle. While I do like it, the scent all but disappears within 20 minutes or so, and that is a deal breaker for me. Shame, because it is a nice scent.
By   - Streamer from Florida on 12/31/2016
Like a previous reviewer, all I smell is baby powder and musk on me. I can't smell anything foody at all.
By   - Procrastinator from Alpharetta on 2/9/2016
It's soft. Rose, vanilla, and as others have noted, baby powder. I get a little bit of cocoa as well, but it's not sweet chocolate, more like a sprinkling of cocoa powder. This is not my favorite fragrance, but I don't find it offensive. The rose is very noticeable so you must like florals to accept this.
By   - Teacher from Laguna Beach on 12/6/2015
My absolute favorite scent. And trust me, I have a collection of perfumes! It's warm, comforting. Reminds me of the vanilla downy drier sheets, but not in a cheap way. It's a fuzzy cream coloured blanket that wraps you in sweet smelling love!
By   - Non scent environment  from Vancouver BC on 10/25/2015
I get baby powder, drying down to musc and vanilla and baby powder. I'm of a certain age that I hope this is not inappropriate because I love, love it. Must get FB.
By  on 3/20/2015
I'd call this a nice perfume, but nice in the filler sort of way that something unremarkable warrants. I don't pick up on some of the notes listed- specifically the rose or cocoa. I agree with the other reviewers- this smells like baby powder. Nice, soft, inoffensive, infantile.
By  on 7/30/2014
This fragrance starts somewhat discordant, like a jam session that doesn't quite take off. As it dries down a bit you can hear the gears click into place and then, MAGIC!Powdery and fluffy, with bits of musk and amber that are so well blended you'll think they are one note. I have tried most of the Loukhoum scents out there, and most of them scratched my itch but didn't quite satisfy me, Douceur is exactly what I needed. Itch scratched.
By   - Court Interpreter from West Hills on 1/4/2013
this is awesome! i love it! it's not overpowering or headache inducing or anything negative. almost makes me think of cotton candy at first, but don't let that put you off. contrary to what luckyscent says, i think this would be good for cooler weather. it's comforting. good price too!
By   - pharmacy tech from chapmansboro on 10/18/2012
ewwww. I don't wanna smell like the mean old ladies who were my teachers in elementary school. This scent transported me back to 1984 when I was miserable and in sixth grade.
By   - from Plantation, FL on 9/3/2012
This is exactly what everyone else has been saying---sweet baby powder, but oh, do I love it. That's exactly what I'm looking for, so I guess this fits the bill, and I'm not disappointed that I don't smell any gourmand vanilla. For that I rely on Acqua e Zucchero and The Exact Friction of Stars. Staying power is also kind of faint. Once again though, I don't mind; in fact I appreciate that it's an EDT. This innocent, gentle piece makes me want to wear a dainty little white lace set, melt into my bed, and just go 'aaaaah'. Innocently sexy.
By   - mom from Austin, TX on 7/17/2012
Smells almost exactly like baby powder. soft, powdery floral vanilla. next to no silage or lasting power. Not bad, just not for me.
By   - from Law on 3/5/2012
Gentle, sweet, soft, pretty, feminine, and unoffensive. If those sweet nothings he whispered in your ear had a scent, this would be it.
By   - Bartender from Bay Area on 12/1/2011
Very musky, this should be called Douceur de Musc. The musk and powdery rose create a strong baby powder perfume. The vanilla-almond note reminds me of Calypso St. Barth Lea. This is overall a very enjoyable fragrance, there is just enough of a unique twist on the powdery cloud to make this scent stand out. Familiar, beautiful, and cozy. Just different enough to be alluring.
By   - Biotech from Franklin, Massachusetts on 6/15/2011
A very nice, powdery, sweet vanilla that I considered FB worthy. In fact, I like this and Oppoponax so much, I'm now eagerly looking forward to trying the other Les Nereides fragrances.
By  on 5/6/2011
The more i wear this sample over time, the more I like and appreciate it. It's quite lovely. I still don't get much vanilla here but it's delicate and creamy, and sweet. It lasts for a long time on my skin and has good silage too. I think I may change my mind and actually go for the full bottle. Great for layering too.
By   - from Montreal on 4/18/2011
Airy, very powdery and soft. I enjoy powdery scents but if you do not then you most likely won't like this perfume. It does rather open with the smell of baby wipes mixed with baby powder, only in a more feminine way. Then it gets less powdery/baby and becomes a nice skin scent. I don't get much vanilla here, more light, feminine powder than anything. I do enjoy it but not sure I'd actually buy it. There are other scents I feel are much more complex and more gorgeous.
By   - from Montreal on 3/15/2011
Very, very light! Did not last on me at all. In fact, I could barely smell it while the sample was still wet on my arm! This is more of a light musky scent on me; a soft skin scent. I've had it on for a couple of hours now and can only get a tiny puff of it where I applied it. I was hoping for a much stronger vanilla!
By  on 9/9/2009
I didn't notice the baby powder scent until I read the reviews...on me, this goes on as a soft floral-very understated and close to the skin. I get no cocoa from this, just white flowers and maybe some musk that morphs into a wonderful, light non foody vanilla...almost like the wild orchid type. This scent has foody elements but does not come across as foody or sweet at all. I don't get ice cream either. Once the vanilla comes forward, I also get an awesome almond...not the cherry or liquer type almond, but a very faint, very realistic dry almond. On my body chemistry, this is light and beautiful. It's a skin scent, not much thow but the faint vanilla almond lasts awhile. I absolutely hate the smell of baby powder, so don't write this one off because of that...as I said, I didn't read "powder" until I was influenced by the posts...I will be buying a bottle.
By   - from Denver on 7/7/2009
Be very wary if you're buying this perfume because you loved the sound of the notes as per Luckyscent (thats what i did) you will be very disappointed. This is all about a very powdery, almost musky floral with the faintest touch ever of something vanillery. Its not an offensive scent, but who wants to smell like baby powder?? this might be good if you work with kids or something like that, it smells like something a nice old lady would wear. It's just very linear and boring, smelt the same fron initial application to drydown. Reminds me of Jovan musk ( a cheap drugstore cologne). I can see why some girls would like this for a bedtime or 'cuddling' scent, but there are truly much better perfumes out there for that purpose which will NOT resemble baby powder eg. Lann'Ael.
By   - admin from melbourne on 5/28/2009
yes its baby powder with a hint of musk, not really what id call an acceptable vanilla. Lets see what drydown brings...
By   - admin from melb on 5/8/2009
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