Maurizio Cerizza

Country: Italy

Though many noses can talk of growing up in a household of perfumers or industry insiders, Maurizio Cerizza’s childhood connection with scent was even closer to the source: his father ran EMA, one of Italy’s oldest and only essential oil extraction conglomerates. Maurizio trained at Roure, where he studied under a Jean Carles protégé, Rene Ricord, who passed along Carles’ well-publicized teaching and composition methods, which encourage creators to fully conceive of their formula on paper even before the first oils are combined. Now, in addition to his own line of fragrance, Maurizio is among the most sought-after names in Italian perfumery. Notable creations include many of the updated scents for the revival of classic Italian house Acqua di Biella.

Maurizio Cerizza perfumer image
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