Émilie Coppermann

Country: France

Having decided from an early age that fragrance was her calling, Émilie Coppermann worked diligently to master the trade, excelling in her chemistry studies until she was able to catch the eye of Dominique Ropion at Symrise, who mentored Coppermann through the basics of professional perfumery. At Symrise, Coppermann was responsible for creating multiple hit fragrances for the largest brands in the business, including Burberry, Givenchy, and Paco Rabanne. In the niche world, Coppermann has proven incredibly adept at matching a brand’s unique style, delivering understated elegance for Van Cleef’s Bois d’Iris, playful sophistication for The Different Company’s L’Espirit Cologne collection, and contemporary conceptualism with Comme des Garcon’s Serpentine, among others. In 2012, Coppermann’s achievements in the fragrance world were recognized with an award from the Centre du Luxe et de la Creation.

Émilie Coppermann perfumer image
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