Michel Roudnitska

Country: France

As the child of French master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska, creator of such all-time legendary scents as Diorissimo, Rochas Femme, and Eau d’Hermes, Michel Roudnitska grew up in a world of expert perfumery, where his childhood was spent playing in his parents’ workshop and becoming fluent in the language of scent. Having risen to become a well-respected perfumer in his own right, Michel took over the management of his father’s renowned Art & Parfum company in 1997, and has been creating exquisite fragrances ever since, including Amoureuse and Bois de Paradis (among others) for Parfums DelRae and Michel for Magnolia Grandiflora. In addition to the scents themselves, his creativity extends to the design and photography around them, which he often handles personally.

Michel Roudnitska perfumer image
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