Eau de Parfum

by Ys Uzac

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The Scoop

The name is the title of a concerto composed in the early 60s by Henri Dutilleux – being a concert cellist, the perfumer Vincent Micotti loves to names his fragrances after music. Métaboles also means “changes or mutations”: good call for this contemporary take on the fougère, which plays on the sharp contrast between the bitter freshness of green tomato branches and the sweet burning darkness of licorice. Geranium and spearmint bridge the gap between light and dark, the mint's cool burn heightened by a sprinkle of black pepper and clove.

A “tailor-made perfume for expressionists”, says Vincent Micotti, and what this high-contrast blend expresses is cool chic with a subtle sense of humor. In fact, if Métaboles were a person, we'd ask it out for cocktails.

Metaboles  Notes

Tomato leaves, bergamot, ivy leaves, galbanum, licorice, black pepper, clove, geranium, spearmint, amber, benzoin, sandalwood, vanilla infusion, white musks

Metaboles Sizes Available
50ml - Eau de Parfum $160.00 $110
.7 ml
.7 ml $4.00
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Here's what other people are saying about Metaboles...
Metaboles by Ys Uzac is like a clandestine meeting after midnight in a once carefully tended courtyard garden, in which now, wild, overgrown ivy climbs and digs into the brick mortar walls and wistfully wraps and extends it tendrils around and beyond the wrought iron of the gates as if to draw you in closer to a garden growing abundantly beautiful even in its owner's extended absence. It's a naughty, sexy, isolated dance with licorice and spearmint teasing and scaring you with unexpected, but hedonistic...pepper. Fleeting dangerous excitement that is so very fragile that you wish to hang on to, only it manages to slip through your hands, leaving you dizzy and wanting more. It's a courtyard dalliance of angst and desire, urging you to return with no guarantee that you will ever be released from the ivy's other-worldly night grip. Very close to the skin, mind-tripping you the whole way.
By GG - nurturer from Texas on 3/15/2015
Not much to say about this one. Smells like Penhaligon`s Elixir. Been there, done that :)
By fragrancesommelier - from DC on 5/29/2012
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