Lemon Cloud (Nuvol de Llimona)

Eau de Toilette

by Roca Perfums

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The Scoop

If we had to scent the happiest corners of our dreams it would smell just like Núvol De Llimona (“lemon cloud”). The inspiration behind the perfume is a dessert from Spain's El Celler de Can Roca (the #2 rated restaurant in the world according to Restaurant magazine).

Pastry chef Jordi Roca has spent years re-imagining world famous perfumes as desserts; it makes perfect sense when you consider the many natural notes that appeal to both taste and smell. Núvol De Llimona marks a reversal for the chef, recreating one of his own deserts (a delectable concoction of lemon sponge cake, creamy milk and sugar called Lemon Distillation) in perfume form and oh, how sweet it is! Bursting with sweet energy, Núvol De Llimona would make even the darkest, deepest patchouli and incense lover's mouth water.

The bright lemony-orange of bergamot (never waxy or “Pledge-y”) and the gentle sugared notes are uplifting, effervescent and gourmand, enriched by light touches of creamy milk and custard (you may be soulless if you're not drooling yet). But don't mistake Núvol De Llimona for a one-trick-pony foody scent; lily of the valley and musk are evident, imparting a beautifully layered, grown-up dessert of a perfume that will have fans trailing in your wake wherever you go. Undeniably delicious!

Lemon Cloud (Nuvol de Llimona)  Notes

bergamot, tangerine, lily of the valley, milk, custard, sugar syrup, toasted sugar, musk

Lemon Cloud (Nuvol de Llimona) Sizes Available
50ml $90
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Lemon Cloud (Nuvol de Llimona)...
Not for me. Synthetic lemon smell. Really not sweet at all - I felt like I smelled like lemon cleaning products. Disappointed.
By   - IT Nerd from Texas on 1/22/2017
One of my favorite buys from LuckyScent... and I counted today how many I have sampled. It scared me, but I'm at 200 sampled. This is definitely in my top 5. If you like sweet, but citrusy, and VERY food-like, then this is a good choice.
By   - writer from Chicago on 6/3/2016
I love it...but I can't smell it after a very short time! The lemon is perfect though. 3 stars for short duration and price. It's a beauty while it lasts though!
By   - Pharmacist from Grayson on 12/10/2015
For all the thrilling ingredients, it's simply a light, lemony, fresh scent that seems young, clean, summery, and uncomplicated. Dries down to pure detergent, though.
By   - from Portland on 1/23/2015
Surprised to find that this is not overly sweet at all. Love the lemon but this is way too musky for me.
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/14/2013
Lemon meringue pie! Enjoying the sample.
By   - from Seattle on 7/25/2012
Wonderful scent! As noted in the description, this is not a sharp pledge-y kind of lemon experience. It's bright, but at the same time creamy and at times it wavers between cake and custard without ever losing the lemon. It lasted much longer than I expected, given some of the other reviews. Long enough for me to enjoy reapplying before bed to drift off in a wash of lemon heaven. It gets a 5!
By   - from Bay Area, CA on 3/17/2012
Very soft and slightly sweet. It doesn't last long though. I enjoy the scent but am glad I bought the sample before committing to a full bottle. My 5 year old loves the scent on me though.
By   - Phitographer from Maui on 1/28/2012
This is an amazing scent. It begins with a lemony top note and then settles down to a smell of vanilla and bread crust. Do try it. And wait until the full scent surrounds you---wonderful!
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 1/23/2012
I wanted try to find a scent that would replace a a lemon scent that was not longer available. It sounded as though this would come close. the notes seemed as though it would be delicious. Well, I smelled the lemon, so we were close and then the gourmand foodiness came through and then the drydown and I am disappointed. I wanted to just LOVE IT, but instead, I just like it ok. The lasting power is not super great either, but not bad. So I guess I can say it is good for everyday and I will wear it, but will not buy again. There are alot of better scents out there that don't even cost this much and last much longer.
By   - Customer Service from New Cumberland on 1/17/2012
Lemon Cloud opens with a bright, slightly sweet lemon - no sharp edges at all. For being inspired by a dessert, it is not too sweet or sugary at all (unlike Fresh Sugar Lemon, which I find very sweet and sugary). There is something very comforting about it and I think luckyscent's description of it being "gentle" is very accurate. On me, the dry down turns softly musky and slightly creamy, but not too much - the lemon still remains cheerful. I don't get any milky notes (thank goodness), but I do get a *touch* of custard. Very nice! I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 because Creed Sublime Vanille is still my favorite creamy lemon-vanilla scent :o)
By   - from Honolulu, HI on 1/14/2012
Yes, it sounds so good ... and I couldn't resist and bought it unsniffed. I got the citrus and was waiting for the creamy and gourmand scent and this did not happen. It's not bad but nothing special. Try it on first.
By   - engineer on 1/12/2012
Opens with a light, citrus-biscuit gourmand that fades into Saint by Kat Von D. I don’t mind Saint, but it was not what I was expecting here. Good persistence.
By  on 1/12/2012
Not good!!! Really!!! I wish I would have tried this before buying!!:(
By   - from Chicago on 1/11/2012
Wow! I really wish I had tried a sample before I ordered this.... it sounded sooo good, but it was not for me! Save your money, it's not worth it!! :((
By  on 1/10/2012
ok..I smell the lemon, but I'm not sure if I love the dry down just yet. Thank goodness for samples!
By   - Program Specialist from Washington, DC on 1/9/2012
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