Pour un Homme

Eau de Toilette

by Caron

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The Scoop

In the early 1930s, men's use of fragrance was not considered virile. However, one would occasionally dab on a touch of lavender water. Created in 1934, Pour Un Homme was the first Caron fragrance created exclusively for men. The lavender heart blended with vanilla, musk, and amber makes this fragrance truly unique. The yin and the yang of deep and refreshing scents highlight a mysterious duality and sophistication. Pour Un Homme comes encased in a no-frills, masculine bottle.

Pour un Homme  Notes

Lavender, vanilla, musk, amber

Pour un Homme Sizes Available
75ml $70
125ml $90
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $3
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No reviews yet for this stalwart? From what I read, some people don't like the smell of lavender. If that's you, stop -- move on. For the rest of us, Pour un Homme melds the fragrance that draws me towards the lavender stand at the local farmers' market with vanilla as well as a few other notes that provide depth and complexity. I wouldn't say this fragrance "whispers" exactly, but it certainly doesn't "shout." Like all of the Caron masculines, it assumes a bit of maturity on the part of the wearer (and can be worn convincingly by women, too). While it may not be a "statement" sort of perfume, it does a pretty good job of saying "easy elegance."
By   - Guy from San Francisco on 10/23/2016
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