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Femme, a nice bouquet of flowers and orange juice (not the peel). Recommended
By   - Student from Sacramento on 4/11/2019
This scent is like digging your fingernails into the outside peel of an orange and just then, your fingernail nicks the inside flesh - which then bursts its sweetness into the air. It’s just like that! I find this scent to be happy and makes me feel good. In the winter it helps me to conjur up a summer day in my mind and in the heat of the summer it refreshes me. It does evolve on my skin into a blend of the listed notes, but, I cannot really pick out which note is which - except for the citrus. My husband always says to me (when he cannot figure out what the notes are in a scent that I am wearing) that means it is a good perfume for me. I moved away from this scent at one point but I love it even more now than I did before.
By   - Homemaker from Phila on 4/14/2018
Admittedly from my handle, I will say that I'm new at this and don't have all of the vocabulary at my fingertips - not a connoisseuse of perfumes. I do want to find a few scents that I love, because I think few things are as good for your mood as catching a whiff of a nice scent throughout the day. This scent was a robust and bright orange to start, though for some reason I wouldn't call it "juicy." Very quickly on me (my temperature naturally runs fairly high, so maybe I burn perfume quickly) it softened down to very light jasmine and woody. Skipped the geranium entirely, as far as I can tell. I've been wearing a small amount for about three hours, and it's already mostly gone. This is a skip for me.
By   - biologist from Miami on 6/24/2016
I wanted to LOVE this! Unfortunately, it starts out with the snap of a thick-skinned peel of a fresh orange. So thick and plastic-y I could taste it. Just sort of a wrinkle-your-nose smell. Ten minutes later, it's mellowed to a soft dried orange peel with sun dried cotton. Clean and warm; not terrible but not a top ten for me.
By   - Fraud Analyst from Itaparica de Bahia, Brasil on 6/16/2016
I liked this a lot and bought a FB but now it smells, after the first lovely orange blast, very artificial and headache making. Too bad, as that first whiff is beautiful.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
I recently visited the scent bar and had this on my sample list. After trying it own, I didn't like it and it had a synthetic smell in which kills it for me with any perfume.
By   - Manager from San Diego on 8/24/2015
A delightfully unique citrus scent. Different from the many others I have tried. The blood orange and bitter orange both stand out equally. The geranium and woods play throughout. So lovely anytime. I can't imagine anyone not loving this fragrance!
By  on 4/2/2015
Things started off well on the three occasions I tried this. But as Orange Sanguine dries, a smell similar to heated plastic emerges that, for me, makes this unwearable.
By   - from Brooklyn on 2/22/2015
Not bad. Very orangey which I like, but seems like I may ned to mix this with a vanilla scent and layer it on.
By   - from Denver on 7/30/2014
This is a standard-bearer! There is a certain photo-realistic orange smell at the outset that fools one into thinking there is not additional complexity to the fragrance underneath. It is fresh in the sense that it belongs on the human body and complements a slightly summer-sweaty smell, in a very French way. Beautiful!
By   - nurse from Phoenix on 3/1/2014
I got Entre Naranjos, and that one smells like orange blooms. Orange Sanguine smells like the actual fruit. Juicy, zesty, full of aroma. It's uplifting and delicious, a wonderful fragrance to use during the hot summer days. Fantastic.
By   - from Houston on 7/11/2013
Had to get a full bottle for me because I LOVE the scent! Fresh real tangerine/orange scent with just a little bit of amber which doesn't smell like right on amber but blends with the orange and gives a creamy hint to the overall scent. Perfect spring/summer perfume for me!
By   - from New York on 4/2/2013
I enjoy orange/citrus scents and really wanted to like this, unfortunately it made me nauseated. Smelled like orange rinds, and the associated bitterness from when you bite into an orange rind.
By   - from Los Angeles on 5/30/2012
I have never been a fan of citrus scents. But this fragrance is a keeper. I have been wearing now for one week and can not stop smelling myself. Great longevity on me ( ~9hrs).
By   - optometrist from brooklyn,ny on 1/19/2012
Glad others like it enough to give it 4/5 stars. I really wanted to like Orange Sanguine. Nice sillage. It's smells more like my orange-glo spray cleaners after 20-mins. Too synthetic. Nothing fresh and elegant about it.
By  on 7/8/2011
Mmmm...citrus,citrus,citrus.... I really like it and it's a fragrance I could see myself wearing daily.
By   - from Antwerpen on 4/9/2011
After extensive sampling from many niche and designer fragrances this one is the one I came back to. It beat out Bigarrade Concentree, Tangerine Vert, Arancia Di Calabria, Heeley Oranges and Lemons and Tauer Orange Star. Orange Sanguine is a VERY refreshing, realistically natural fragrance that stays very citric and fresh it's phases, which is rare for a citrus fragrance. Usually the trade off is the more natural the less the longevity while this remains natural yet has excellent longevity. The geranium is a nice compliment and the tonka bean adds a nice sweetness. You can smell the juice, pulp, the zesty rind and it all smells very natural. By far my favorite orange fragrance to date.
By   - Senior sales rep from East Detroit on 2/24/2011
Wow I cannot believe this one got bad reviews. It IS sweet but I like that anyway. it in NO WAY smells artificial though. It smells exactly like the description, Fresh peeled oranges or tangerines. This is a happy happy scent. Don't believe the bad reviews this is a fantastic cologne worth at least a sample.
By   - from Seattle on 1/24/2011
If you're not 100% crazy about loud, overly sweet Orange...then stay back on this one!
By   - producer from CT LA on 6/4/2010
Never been one to wear citrus scents, but just had to have this one. Very appropriate perfume for the hot, humid South. Layer it with By Kilian's Love and you feel like a kid with a pocket full of orange cream candy.
By  on 5/13/2010
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