Fleurs d'Oranger

Eau de Parfum

by Serge Lutens

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The Scoop

In a word: masterpiece. There is no other way to sum up Fleurs d'Oranger. This is truly a legend in the Lutens line, the fresh yet decadent scent of an orange grove in full bloom, blossoms falling like rain as a warm breeze swirls the petals in the air. The heady and sweet scents of orange blossom, white jasmine and tuberose are highlighted with a hint of citrus and enhanced with just the tiniest wisps of warm spice to create a perfume that is ever-changing and, once you live with it awhile, you begin to sense its ultra complex nature. Fleurs d'Oranger is a floral fantasy that is even more beautiful than any amount of flowery prose can hope to relay…it's a rare fragrance that could be worn every day and you'd never tire of it. Gloriously feminine, Fleurs is not “cute” nor is it cloying or overpowering…it's pure French elegance meets a wild romp in an orange grove, a dream of a perfume that will make you close your eyes, breathe deeply and just…smile.

Fleurs d'Oranger  Notes

Orange blossom, white jasmine, Indian tuberose, white rose, citrus peel, hibiscus seeds, cumin, nutmeg

Fleurs d'Oranger Sizes Available
50ml $135
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Fleurs d'Oranger...
Smells like the horsefly spray we used in the barns before DDT was banned. One drop permeates the entire house almost immediately. A total scrubber for me.
By   - Fraud Analyst from Hanford, CA on 7/4/2016
I agree with others here...this reformulation is devoid of all the originality and complexity found in the previous (original?) version. It is now a shallow, cheap, cloying carbon copy of so many similar ones among the multitudes.
By   - Professor from Waterloo, IA on 1/15/2016
Wow. This is awful. The definition of stink bomb. Perhaps I got a bad batch? This is just straight up cheap, choking, powdery orange flower.
By   - Designer from New York on 6/22/2015
This used to be great, but has obviously been reformulated and no longer has the rich exoticism from the cumin. Now it is a shallow, bright, mediocre orange blossom indistinguishable from so many others. A shame.
By  on 1/30/2015
Although this is primarily a floral fragrance, I also agree it can easily be worn by a man due to the cumin, nutmeg and civet notes. In fact, I think it is most feminine when first sprayed, but as the spices become more apparent after 15 minutes, it is easily a unisex fragrance similar to other great colognes. I'm surprised I don't see more comparisons to Le Labo Oranger. Certainly there are differences, but largely the same genre. Even CdG Cittrico is similar. The lutens rendition is very unique, however, with the spices any heavier indoles.
By   - from NYC on 10/9/2014
Alas, I must be the sour note in the praise. As many people have pointed out in many reviews, Serge Lutens is a love-it-or-hate-it line. For me, Fleurs d'Oranger is nice in the way that you say "She's...nice" about a girl that you don't quite like but don't want to admit why. I don't hate it, but I do think that for Serge Lutens, this is a pedestrian, too sweet, "meh" interpretation of a truly divine flower fragrance. Of course, I mean to say that it is that way on me - on somebody else, it is probably exquisite and deserving of the high praise written here by others.
By   - Office from Boston on 10/6/2014
I'm not sure but maybe I got a bad sample. I did not smell orange blossom at all. The only thing I smelled since I sprayed it 6 hours ago and its the only thing I could smell is a pepper or some type of peppery scent. the scent will no go away and I cant wait to go and change since its been lingering on my blouse all day.
By  on 6/4/2014
Fleurs d'Oranger is absolutely one of the best fragrances centered around orange blossom. It mixes the orange blossom with tuberose which adds a rich, heady and slightly buttery feel along with a subtle note of jasmine (Unlike others, I don't get jasmine as much compared to orange blossom and the tuberose) It's more orange blossom than tuberose and they seem to compliment one another nicely rather than compete with each other. The cumin note is quite noticeable and sometimes teeters on the edge of being a bit too much. Luckily that only lasts a short while and what you get overall its a orange blossom/tuberose solifore spiced with cumin. It's not hard for a man for pull this off as I happily do. Comparable to Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs except the Lutens last longer with better sillage, more masculine and spicy.
By   - Sales from East Detroit on 12/6/2013
Sorry, but I can smell mainly tuberose and jasmine. with a name like 'fleurs d'oranger' I was expecting, well, orange blossom! The orange is hidden, not as the main note. More jasmine and tuberose than anything else. The opening is quite strong, then it becomes lighter and smooth.
By   - from Houston on 7/11/2013
I'm not sure how many perfume samples I ordered from Lucky Scent before I settled on Fleurs d'Oranger as my favorite warm weather perfume. It smells like summer and as soon as I wear it, I feel as if it brightens the air all around me.
By   - writer from NYC on 6/12/2013
I tried this about a month ago and wasn't fond of the coppertone-esque undertone. Tried it again tonight, and YOWZA! This is great stuff. It realy and truly is an orange blossom. I mean, EXACTLY like sticking your nose into a fresh dewy orange blossom on a balmy florida morning. Outstanding in every way. No must, no bo....just smooth, lovely orange blossom.
By   - Mom from Minneapolis on 7/1/2012
The best orange blossom fragrance ever, ever ,ever. I think I will never be without this one . I detect no cumin in this at all . I love Fleurs d'Orange completely. 6 stars. ******
By  on 4/5/2012
Oh man, oh man, oh man! This scent! It's delicate and powerful at the same time. It's intoxicating and makes you a slave to sniffing your own wrist. It smells like sunshine slanting through tress in early spring. It is a fragrance of joy. I often wear this to bed because I find its intoxicating properties are not limited to me alone ;)
By   - Nurse Practitioner from Philadelphia on 11/7/2011
Yes, Monsieur Lutens, your version IS better than the L'Artisan version! AND it lasts much longer. It's also quite nice layered with Les Nereides Douceur de Vanille should you wish for a little warm vanilla love with your orange blossom.
By  on 5/5/2011
Oh, Fleurs. How I love thee. After the cumin flees from this scent, all I smell is delectable orange blossoms with other floral notes. Wonderful!
By   - Writer/Communications Consultant from Seattle, WA on 5/3/2011
After years of searching for a *signature* fragrance, I stumbled upon Fleurs d'Oranger and my search ended. It is a truly magnificient, complex and sophisticated perfume. It develops wonderfully on my skin and the fragrance lingers without cloying the senses. I'm always going to have a bottle of this in stock!
By  on 11/27/2009
I have 2 bottles of L'Artisans LE Fleur D'Oranger. And I prefer this one. SL fragrance is much longer lasting and has way more character then any other Orange Blossom fragrance.
By   - from Long Island, NY on 11/21/2009
One of my top three fragrances! Can't do without this one, it is indeed a masterpiece. If you apply it to fabric it lasts for a good couple of days. This develops so beautifully, the white rose that suddenly appears in the middle of it is breathtaking. And to the reviewer who called this 'musty', I hate musty smells and can pick them up a mile away, there is absolutely nothing musty about Fleur d'Oranger!
By  on 11/7/2009
Starts off sunny & vibrant with a hint of bitter orange peel & spiciness, then becomes fresher, with a nutmeg note in the drydown. Nice, but doesn't last long.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/12/2009
I almost didn't get this because of some comments that it was musty, because there is nothing I hate as much as a musty smelling scent. But I am SO glad that I went ahead and tried it. This has NO MUSTY smell at all! I can only think that someone must have gotten a badly stored bottle. It is such a gloriously beautiful fragrance and hours after I apply it I'll suddenly smell the most wondrous rose all around me. This scent covers you in a veil that will delight you again and again. Has definitely become one of my top three fragrances I never want to be without.
By   - Homemaker from Pacific Northwest on 11/9/2008
This is a love it or hate it kind of scent, and I'm just on the fence....The Jasmine note is ultra-realistic, right down to the almost body-odor dusky, woody quality. The note almost smells like pencil shavings or cedarwood. It's more noticeable when I'm sniffing right up against my skin. Otherwise, this scent is pure bliss - lovely, sweet, lush blossoms, adorned with sunshine and blue skies. That note, though....it's really ruining the otherwise clean overall feel of this. (Same thing happened to me with La Chasse Aux Papillons Extreme - it's the same exact note.) I think my chemistry is amplifying some unpleasant facet of jasmine. Bummer, because otherwise, it's beyond perfection!
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 10/27/2008
I wanted to love this because orange blossom is my favorite scent in the world. It reminds me of the happy times in my childhood. I found this perfume heavy and headache inducing and not the light and lovely smell of my youth. I guess the good news is the scent was gone in less than an hour. That would be bad news if you really like this.
By   - Mom/Wife/Reader/Dancer/Nerd from East Bay on 9/15/2008
Delicately glittering, this bright scent is reminiscent of the orange grove at Versaille. There is something regal and elegant inherent in its light floral composition that is never overwhelming. I wish that it had more staying power though.
By   - Beauty Blogger (http://www.beautyinchelsea.com) from NYC on 9/3/2008
It's just ok; smelled a bit too old for me. Overpowering flowers.
By  on 8/7/2008
I agree with the two posters who loved this. This was my first bottle of SL scent and I absolutely LOVED it. It smells of orange flowers like no other scent. It's a great scent for all year, summer in particular.
By  on 11/16/2007
this is the best perfume I HAVE ever had. it does smell like the orange blossom itself on a hot summer day. perfect
By  on 11/8/2007
VERY,VERY MUSTY! had a sample sent..Serge Luten is a LOVE IT OR HATE IT kinda fragrance line! I have sampled others in this line and all so far have a damp,musty,odor,that will turn heads...
By   - personal fragrance shopper from cincinnati on 11/6/2007
This is simply the best perfume I've ever smelled, with A la Nuit a close second....
By   - writer from Toronto Canada on 10/25/2007
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