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Gaiac  Eau de Parfum by  M. Micallef

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Eau de Parfum

by M. Micallef

The Scoop
The aroma of gaiac is complex, eluding definition. The precious wood smells balsamic and fresh, sweet and earthy and smoky. Micallef’s rendition of gaiac is fittingly complex, inclusive of the many facets of the scent. Bergamot and jasmine infuse the blend with freshness, cloves add spice, vetiver brings out the earthiness of the wood and vanilla sweetens the blend, softening the sharp angles, turning Gaiac into a sensual and tranquil perfume, with a your-skin-but-better base. Perfect for men and women.
Gaiac Notes
bergamot, jasmine, cloves, gaiac, vetiver, vanilla
Jean-Claude Astier2005France
Gaiac - 30ml
  $110 30ml
Gaiac - 100ml
  $235 100ml

Curious about this fragrance?
  $4 .7 ml
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I just dont know how i feel about this. I got the sample during a vanilla-crazed phase i went through, and i hated this the second i smelt it, cos it just wasnt sweet or soft enough compared to what i was liking at the time. Anyway i now have someone who wants this samle so i tried it again before giving it away and now im trying to decide if i like it. ive come a long way, and so has my nose in terms of just liking vanillas and my nose has been a sl#t to so many different scents now that im alot mure sure about what i like. This is still that same woody smoky vanillic scent, but i like it more now. it is very soft i had to put my nose right to my wrist, i think would be a good gourmand scent for a guy. Its got a chocolatey feel about it, although its great for women too, but i dont feel this is quite me.
By Melissa - admin from melbourne on 2/7/2010
divine smell, outstanding quality, fantastic concept; pure perfection
By bert on 1/26/2010
A golden campfire amidst a crisp mountain evening...perfect sweet smoky woods.
By tsth on 1/17/2010
I purchased this for my boyfriend's birthday....and fell head-over-heels in LOVE with it! I cannot tell you how many women stop to ask him what he is wearing. We actually call it 'the trouble maker'. So ladies, get it for your guy....but keep him on a short leash!
By Anonymous - Decorator from Columbus on 11/13/2009
Can it be?? True love.... The moment I put this on I was swooning. Instant impact that lasted all day. I think I must splurge on a bottle.
By S - Video Artist from NYC on 9/8/2009
Unexpectedly delightful...a must sample.
By Magpie on 8/10/2009
I do not find this fragrance to be masculine at all. It is a perfect example of how a great fragrance takes on an individual's unique skin scentskin. It is quite feminine on me, a beguiling honey vanillic fragrance with nuances of wood and spice. On me, this wears 'close' to my skin, soft and subtle . I wear this quite a bit , mostly for daytime
By Anonymous - writer from NYC on 4/3/2009
Smells almost exactly like a more intense L by Lolita Lempicka (a woman's scent). At first I really liked this on myself but I ended up getting annoyed by it pretty quickly. On my boyfriend, however, it smells wonderful. I can see why it is marketed as a mens fragrance.
By Anonymous on 3/4/2009
I was just about to leave the luckyscent bar when I saw this beautiful bottle. I put a little on my wrist and it quickly transformed from being a little boozy to the most wonderful, incense/smokey/woodsy/sweet fragrance i have ever tried. I had no idea it was a mens fragrance, although I can see how it is more masculine, I don't care at all! I wear this to bed, it's a comfort scent, and I'm glad a bought the beautiful bottle. The Luckyscent description is pretty accurate, especially the "your-skin-but-better" part. The price isn't too bad either :)
By Anonymous - from california on 1/20/2009
Deep spice from cloves and dark wood of gaiac. This scent smells like no other I've ever tried. Very enveloping and dark. Masculine and medicinal smelling. After a while you feel this fragrance more than smelling.
By Anonymous on 1/4/2009
I received a sample,glad I did not purchase BECAUSE...I have a VERY good memory for scents,and this reminds me SOOO much of COSTES! even though the fragrance notes are not the same.Costes is a a fraction of the cost,the perfume bottle is very striking though....
By Anonymous - perfume lover from cincinnati on 9/13/2008
Stunning warm fragrance, stays close to you and wraps around you like the warm wind blowing through the desert, surrounding you by a wonderful intriguing scent imaginative of a market place in Morocco.
By parfumnut on 9/1/2008
Five Stars...It's warm and wonderful.
By Josh on 7/21/2008
By Anonymous - from New York on 7/12/2008
Beautifully smooth and gently warm I call this one the 'desert' perfume, as it brings to mind warm foreign landscapes and sand dunes.. Great worn to bed.
By Simon Waddell - Perfumery expert from London on 7/10/2008
By Simon Waddell - Perfumery on 7/10/2008
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