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Forget about those fake dyed-blue carnations Mr. Prom Date parked on your wrist, CdG's Carnation is drop-dead smoldering sexy. Velvety carnation is served up with fiery red pepper and cloves-this is one hot, smokin' mama of a scent that'll challenge anybody to say carnations are old fashioned. And it's never heavy or cloying. If you love your florals with fire and spice, Carnation may inspire you to slip on a tight red dress and do a siren dance on a volcano.

Carnation  Notes

red carnation, essence of red pepper, red rose, cloves, absolute Egyptian jasmine, absolute red pepper

Carnation Sizes Available
100ml - Eau de Toilette $115.00
.7 ml
.7 ml $4.00
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Here's what other people are saying about Carnation...
I really don't find this to be overly clove-y or powdery. On me it dries down to a sparkling, clean carnation scent. As a child I loved the smell of carnations so much I was tempted to eat them, since the senses of smell and taste are so closely related. Maybe that's why I consider this scent "delicious"! I left off a star because I wish the scent was more long-lasting. If I apply in the morning, it disappears by afternoon.
By Lis - Pharmacist from Chicago on 1/30/2016
Positive: True-to-life fresh carnation is definitely a big component to this scent. The red bottle looks awesome on my bathroom shelf. This scent is classic oddball beauty CDG and (like pretty much all of their scents) will never offend others even if you overdo it. Negative: It also smells like Red Hots which makes me feel like I am wearing what I imagine a children's perfume might smell like. It's an EDT and diminishes accordingly (something I failed to notice when I ordered).
By Nathan  - Designer from New York on 4/27/2015
This is SO beautiful and sexy. At first I thought this was just a little too much clove, but after wearing it for a while, the greener, more floral part of the carnation started to come through, balancing it out. I can smell the rose in the beginning which brightens it up and adds dimension. It dries down to a warm spicy carnation. It's very natural smelling- nothing weird or plasticky. My only complaint is that I wish it lasted a little longer. If I get a big bottle, I'm probably going to have to put a lot on.
By Anonymous on 1/22/2013
I love you CDG...and I would almost wear this just because you made it...but all I get is clove oil. Ok, but reminds me of this stuff the dentist put in my mouth after getting my wisdom teeth removed. I smell nothing but cloves.
By Anonymous - law student from san francisco on 4/28/2012
Just the right amount of spice and warmth. Makes me smile I smell so good.
By Anonymous - CEO from Philadelphia on 2/9/2012
A spicy, candy-coated carnation. I find it doesn't last long on my skin.
By Anthony - from Washington, DC on 7/31/2011
ew no . i wasnt sure what a carnation smelled like but after tryin this i did recognize the scent of carnations and unfortunately i hate it . its mad overpowering in this frag , somewhat " hot " in a mildly spicy way . theres a definite note of incense , i dont like incense churchy smells , and somethin that makes the strong carnation note a bit smoother or creamy . i washed this sh*t off fast however if u like carnations and church smells u prol would LOVE this . otherwise save ur time and go watch season 1 diff'rent strokes
By dirtyboy - sewer rat from chicago on 3/12/2011
Red Carnation goes on strong and hangs around for a long, long time. After an initial BOOM of zippy carnations, which lasted about an hour, it settled in for about eight hours more of clean carnations and cloves. I can’t say that I ever got a whiff of jasmine or roses, as the carnation note really took over my nose and wouldn’t let go. It is a very dry and zippy fragrance, and I really enjoyed wearing it. However, this is definitely a sample I’ll be passing to my sister, as she is a straight-up carnation fanatic, and I prefer my carnations a bit more in the background.
By Jane D. - from Gainesville, Florida on 12/27/2010
Whoever made the comparison to Lush's potion lotion was right on, which has me pleased because it was Potion that turned me on to carnations in the first place. I like this very much. Definitely fits the bill when I want to come off as a sex machine. Confident, coy, very pretty.
By jeni Li - Artist from STL on 10/18/2010
I am not typically a floral fan, and certainly not of carnations (reminds of high school prom), but Carnation has got a clean, peppery scent that really works on my skin. In fact, I liked it so much that I made it my wedding perfume. I still love it! I really recommend if you're looking for something feminine but not cloying.
By Helen - from San Diego on 10/23/2009
Hello Kitty!
By Magpie on 8/12/2009
I thought someone had described this as smelling like cinnamon red hots... It does! I love the scent, but it fades completely in less than five minutes on me. Not worth buying, unfortunately.
By Anonymous - from Washington, DC on 4/9/2009
Clove candies.
By Anonymous on 3/9/2009
J'adore carnation! C'est pas trop mas. ou fem. c'est pour les deux, a mon avis. Il y a beaucoup de poivre, et ca me plait. T'as fait un bon job comme. :)
By TM - Prof. from Montreal on 12/29/2008
If you concentrate hard when you first smell it you can smell carnation, which disappers in a few seconds, and then after that all you smell is nutmeg a la grandma's old fashioned cookies. Definitely not for me!
By Sherry - from California on 10/21/2008
Starts with a lovely intense carnation. On me, the dry down smells like Dr. Pepper. It's interesting in a pretty way.
By Anonymous - Writer in DC on 9/25/2008
If you like carnation...this is as good as it gets!!!! Five Stars all the way!!!
By Josh on 7/31/2008
This is beautiful! So heavenly.. Starts with a fizzy peppery/clove bite, and mellows to a soft, delicate spicy floral.. Cooling on a hot summer day or warming in winter. I love this so much.
By Georgia - Student from Amsterdam on 7/3/2008
Intense, true carnation with a clovey, peppery bite. Lovely!
By Anonymous on 3/23/2008
I'm a big carnation fan & adored this when I first got it. I tried it again recently & discovered it had become much softer and sweeter. It's still nice, but I really miss the spicy carnation bite of it from when it was new.
By Odette - Program Associate from Atlanta on 6/3/2007
Years ago, (and I do mean years) I wore Roger Gallet Blue Carnation. Since that has been discontinued for quite awhile, I've been on the search for a reasonably priced replacement. FOUND IT!!! CdG Series 2 Red carnation delivers but with a twist. This takes carnation scent to a new level with its peppery middle note and then back to an intense floral on the drydown. So glad I found this one.
By Joyce - Fragrance Lover from Alexandria on 4/26/2007
Babywipes?? someone thinks this smells like babywipes? This has to be one of the most amazing fragrances I've ever tried! I always thought CdG was kind of "out there" with weird scents, but not this. Adore this one.
By CG - from San Francisco on 10/26/2006
This is a very good true carnation scent and the price seems right.
By Vicki - from Petaluma on 7/14/2006
CdG, I LOVE YOUR WICKED LITTLE NOSES! This is the floral for which I have been searching! Absolutely stunning, and yes, it DOES make me happy when I wear it! It smells a bit of the Potion body lotion by Lush, only not as cinnamon-y. Everything I've tried in the floral category ended up smelling of bathroom sprays or soap on my skin. I've gone through Kai, Monyette, Jasmin du Nuit, all of the Sage scents (not too fond there!), all of Keiko's scents, and on and on, all to no avail. I should've known to trust my instincts, and I finally have by coming back to my beloved perfumiers at CdG. Carnation is warm and spicy and woodsy w/o being too much of any single note. The carnation is definitely the solid note here, and carnations have a spicy scent (almost in the nutmeg family), and should be taken more seriously than they usually are. Move over, red rose, this is true Flower Power! I LOVE the illustrator from Australia's description; perfect! Sample this immediately!
By Anonymous - slave from Los Angeles on 6/30/2006
nice, not sure I would buy a bottle, but definitly worth a sample. I liked it much better after the dry down, light and spicy.
By JK - lighting tech from LA on 6/6/2006
Reminded me way too much of babywipes. It has that same pungent, sticky sweet smell. Maybe it was my body chemistry, but I found this to be an annoying scent.
By Anonymous on 3/16/2006
This is a lovely and unique floral offering for those who aren't partial to flowers: the much underused carnation here smells bright and emphatic, slightly dry and never flippant. This CdG scent fascinates me particularly...I think I have identified a "secret" ingredient. Carthamus Pink is an extremely strong red/pink hue used in high-quality artist's materials and some fabric dyes. Being an illustrator, and the daughter of one, I spent many childhood hours with my nose stuck in a tiny tube of Carthamus Pink gouache (it's pretty expensive). That smell! So red! Ever so slightly metallic, and a little austere, but addictive. It's here in CdG Carnation in spades- a literal, and olfactory, nod to the colour RED. CdG- I love you guys...
By Alison  - Illustrator from Sydney on 3/12/2006
Smooth carnation, hint of red rose, love that jasmine with a undercurrent of spice to blend it all to gether.
By Thelma - from Baltimore on 1/19/2006
Can definitely smell the rose in here but it's mostly carnation. Very smooth and powdery and wonderful
By Dena - Student from Springfield, VA on 12/5/2005
This smells incredibly comforting...good to go to sleep with. Very positive, smells like candy but not in a cheap way. If only they had violet pastilles in carnation flavor, they would taste like the smell of this.
By Anonymous on 12/5/2005
I love this. But then again I adore the scent of carnations! It smells fresh, flirty and just fabulous! I was trying to find a less expensive version of Lorenzo Villerosi Garafano (Carnation) and this is it!
By Susanna - from Bridgeport on 3/17/2005
something about this annoyed me. i didn't smell as much carnation as i would like, and it didn't seem to last very long. the clove undersmell gave it a smoke-y quality, or perhaps it was the cinnamon. i like it, but i don't think it agrees with my body chemistry.
By zsa zsa - goddess from florida on 3/9/2005
Is there any thing that I don't like about the whole RED series?--I have purchased this one and tried all the samples--thay make me very happy!!!
By Tamara - from Austin, TX on 10/28/2004
Not boring - that's for sure! Of course if you crave Lea, you're stuck because nobody else carries it. This is sexy - not my fave - but an attention getter!!!
By Anonymous - from nyc on 10/25/2004
Wow - my favorite floral - a spicy cinammon carnation - the cinnamon becomes less noticeable over time, then just a beautiful still spicy carnation! I love it!
By Lori on 9/22/2004
The Red series came out at 2 sizes, 25 ml (22 UKpounds) and 75 ml (36 pounds). They are avail. now only at the bigger size:-)
By nqth - from Warsaw, Poland on 6/20/2004
How wonderful to find such a spicy carnation scent. I have been fond of a certain carnation scented body lotion for years and always wished that someone made a carnation perfume.
By Jean - Mom from Farmington Hills, MI on 6/15/2004
To the reviewer below (and to future customers) please note that these RED Series sizes are 75ml, not the 30ml that Comme des Garcon initially launched and sold for $45. :)
By In Luckyscent's defense - Defender of the Universe from planet cyberspace on 5/11/2004
This is a fabulous, clear, spicy carnation, not for the faint of heart! I am so happy that this scent is finally available on line, thanks to luckyscent. :-) Before, you could only get it at Barney's chicago and Liberty, London. HOWEVER, I fail to see why luckyscent is blatantly overcharging for all the scents in the CdG Red Series-- anywhere else, they are $45 each. Usually, I adore luckyscent's sample program and price matching, but to jack up the price $13 for a perfume that's been out for at least 2 years?
By Anonymous - from Oxford,UK on 4/26/2004
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