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Luctor et Emergo - Eau de Parfum
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One sniff and it's obvious why POTTL's cult status is very much well-deserved. Only high praise.
By   - Retired Artist from New York City on 6/14/2016
A pleasant scent, and quite different. But smells really linear on me; cherry and wood. And therefore not worthy of the hefty price tag.
By   - Housing Officer from Brighton on 12/28/2012
Weird. Smells like a theater bathroom: cherry air freshener and fake buttered popcorn. I also get a note of my Cabbage Patch doll from the late 80's...vinyl/cherry/powder. I got zero woods, incense, or leather. I'm drowning in old memories here. The scent is not unpleasant, but completely unsophisticated and flat out weird. Disappointed.
By   - Architect from Portland on 11/2/2012
At first whif I smell caramel, tonka - that cherry hit and a nice smattering of cinnamon. As it progresses on my skin, there is something very spicy and not sweet that straightens out the caramel note which was fine by me. The dry down becomes a melange of tobacco and caramel again. I enjoyed parts of this perfume but not all of it. It does evolve which is always a big plus in my book.
By   - from Toronto on 8/8/2012
I immediately thought "old museum library." Resin and beeswax candles. A positive and uplifting if contemplative scent... not sure why one would bottle it, however. Or wear it, unless you're trying to seduce a really devoted librarian or scholar, in which case this is your fragrance.
By  on 6/22/2012
This starts with the smell of fresh cut wood. So freshly cut I can smell the sawdust hanging in the air and the heat from the electric saw blade is palpable. Then there's a wiff a medicinal cherry. The woodcutter is sucking a cherry lozenge. The cherry is followed by a note that is sometimes playdoh and sometimes hay on me. It settles into a drydown of sweet, vanilla infused tobacco. Occasionally though the woody notes returns and flits through for a second. There are also times when this smells like chocolate cake. It's a strange perfume and if I smelled it on someone else, I'm not sure I would even identify the smell as a perfume. My boyfriend, who hates perfume, always goes in for a second sniff when I wear this. And it is, like so many people say, an addicting scent.
By   - RN from Philadelphia on 12/11/2011
On application, I am reminded of that special smell in many florist's shops. It's flowery, spicy, earthy, with a bit of vanilla cream. I always suspect that they have a scent generator hidden in a corner. Makes me want to get a job as a florist, because that smell is so appealing and I don't want to leave it! I think it's how a rainforest smells!
By   - designer from Diessen, Netherlands on 8/13/2011
This gentle scent is absolutely amazing and it lingers with you all day but not in an aggressive way! Going to get the big bottle, it will now be my signature fragrance.. try it please you wont be disappointed!
By   - manager from perth,australia on 8/4/2011
Whomever the scientist was that created this scent, I adore you. My love for the notes that are a lover's whisper to the senses, bringing back false memories of a warm summer night in France with a bottle of wine and a handsome man. when I wear Luctor et Emergo, I am transported.
By   - from Midwest on 6/24/2011
What a sly pleaser this is. Opening suggestions of fresh-sawn woods mingle with a boozy, bourbon-like intoxication; at first I thought i caught an opening of sweet pineapple in there, too. A hint of menthol and black pepper to add "breathing room" and life before the "second act" of the fragrance. The drydown is all about a perfectly realistic tonka bean, with its suggestions of cherry-vanilla tobacco, caramel and hay. Vanilla and amber subtly kiss the nearly-loukhoum-like warm, but always controlled sweetness. Call this a "woody-ambered-gourmand". This is a fantastic modern, easily unisex, hypnotically delicious, cool weather scent that deserves its cult appeal.
By   - graphic artist from central texas, usa on 6/13/2011
Hmmm. On me it smells like Jack Daniels and cough syrup on the rocks.
By   - from Boulder, CO on 5/28/2011
On days when I'm feeling down, nothing makes me feel as good as this amazingly warm, cozy, complex, intriguing, inviting smell. Luctor et Emergo smells like how love feels.
By   - from PA on 4/12/2011
Definitely a male fragrance. Or "female", but in a very limited sense of the term. I do not know why such a lot of women write about perfume that is distinctly male .. perhaps for their "better halves" .. I was not impressed at all with the sample. Marzipan, a lot of Christmas fragrance .. and at the end of ordinary men after shave.
By   - artist from NY on 2/22/2011
Just to add to the rave reviews on here -- there are some wonderful hay/herbal notes in here that keep the vanilla and amber from being too sweet. I love this scent and consider it the most "me" perfume, my go-to fragrance. It's mysterious, comforting, and unpretentious. (Alas, the near $200 price tag is pretty high, I'll admit. Though after 4 years of eyeing this, I finally bit the bullet.) One tiny complaint is that the bottle itself feels fragile, and is a little awkward to hold when you spray it. I'm dreading the day I accidentally drop it...
By   - from Los Angeles on 12/7/2010
There is "something" about this fragrance that I really like. It's very different, but not in a bad way. The incense really comes thru, but once again not in a bad way. Hard fragrance to describe, so I'll just say it's nice and mysterious.
By   - from Californiaa on 12/4/2010
yesyesyesyes this is quite different. i have ordered about 5 samples so far, not ready to take the plunge for the bottle, but maybe one day...
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
I really love, love, love this fragrance! Very unique! One of my favorite fragrances.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 6/4/2010
A good tabacco-y rendition of Serge's 'Rahat Loukoum', which is marginally sweeter and more musk-ridden.
By  on 2/25/2010
I LOVE this fragrance! its deeply resinous,just enough sweetness, and its unique! forget the copycats out there.
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 11/20/2009
To start, Im getting cherry cough syrupy type whiffs, kind of strong. Not very appealing. Within minutes something that smells to me of cinnamon comes through the cherry and its actually a nice combo! I get the FAINTEST whiff of playdoh and I mean faint, only when I inhale deeply. Ultiamtely this is too weird for me to wear, there are too many scents out there that I just love so this is relegated to 'interesting sample' status only.
By   - admin from melb on 11/12/2009
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