Dolce QB

Extrait de Parfum

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I ordered this and another fragrance thinking the other one would blow this out of the water. Man, was I wrong. This smells so good, I personally never wore a fragrance that smelled like this. I have a lot of vanilla fragrances but this one is so unique compared to what I have and it fits me 100%. Love this. I would say I get vanilla and leather scent first, and then it finishes with birch, and it isn't too sweet.
By   - Customer Service from Harrisonburg on 6/28/2021
Dolce QB is such a delightfully weird scent. If you like Tom Ford's Ombré Leather, then you'll probably really enjoy it. It's like they used that style of leather as a foundation, and then built a glorious gourmand on top of it, with vanilla and cinnamon used in a way that reminds me of Initio's Side Effect - plus a dash of chocolate, orris butter, and maybe a tiny touch of booze. This radiates from my skin more than most fragrances, and it has good longevity thus far. After the drydown, the leather takes a back seat to the sweetness, but it's never cloying. It's just... very unusual. I look forward to wearing this while out with friends; I have a feeling it's going to elicit some very positive comments. BIG recommendation here.
By   - DJ/Producer/Artist from Tulsa, OK on 6/9/2021
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