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A lot of the listed notes don't come up on me, but the overall blend is very pleasant and enjoyable. On me, it smells like a sandalwood latte: not kidding, it's milky coffee and faintly peppery quality sandalwood, like you get in the imported prayer beads. There's a middle stage with a lot of white musk to the milky coffee, but it settles in the end to Sandalwood Latte. Really nice, light, and quite fun.
By   - Engraver from Seattle on 6/25/2021
This is a unique and outstanding perfume, a little hard to describe. It starts out with cherry and almond, but there's a dark coffee-like note as well. It seems to alternate between something sweet and something dark and musky. Excellent!
By   - Writer from Saratoga Springs NY on 3/15/2021
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