Christele Jacquemin

Meandering Soul

Eau de Parfum

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This scent didn't work for me, much to my chagrin. For the first half hour, it was Promising. The initial blast of fennel was delightful. But about an hour into it, I smelled like an Indian curry had been embedded in my wrist. That I could not go for. I agree with the reviewer before me that the scent is unique and very interesting. Might be great for others, but only if you go off the beaten path happily.
By   - writer from Chicago on 12/25/2020
Christele's fragrances might not appeal to everyone, but it's hard to imagine that any true fragrance nut would overlook each fragrance's quality of composition. At least one full bottle is on the horizon due to the reasonable price point and uniqueness and beauty of each of Christele's fragrances (IMO, there's not really anything out there like them). I'm not one of those fragrance connoisseurs that can identify every note in a fragrance (other than the obvious amber, vanilla, tobacco, or patchouli notes), however, I can tell you that each of Christele's scents makes me happy - from each glorious spray to the interesting dry down. At least try the discovery set.
By   - Attorney from Deep South on 10/23/2020
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