Eau De Parfum

Eau de Parfum

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Blind bought this based on the notes. Lots going on in the opening, blasts of citrus and I get a herbaceous feel to it. After about 30 minutes it settles down and the lavender comes forward. As it dries down it becomes a nice enjoyable scent. Won’t be for everyone as that initial blast had me doubting my purchase but after wearing it for a couple of days it came around.
By   - Superintendent  from Long Beach on 8/3/2020
I wish I could say something nice about this fragrance, but truth-telling obliges me time report that it smells like dirty athletic socks on my skin, which is the opposite of olfactory enhancement.
By   - Educator  from Dallas on 7/15/2020
It's a beautiful fragrance with a very distinctive retro feel. The dry citrus and Bulgaruan lavender are very calming and transportive to the 1920s. Definitely a bottle worthy.
By   - Entrepreneur  from Toronto on 7/8/2020
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