Gourmantic Orange

Extrait de Parfum

by Panah London

Gourmantic Orange Sizes Available:
30ml $110
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Gourmantic Orange...
This garnered a “oh wow” at the first sniff off my wrist. This is amazing a lovely orange cake! The vanilla is refined and smooth. I got this for the name. And the notes sounded divine. It did not disappoint if your live for gourmand frags I recommend this!
By   - Mom from North Pole on 7/15/2019
Yum! It starts of with citrus and chocolate and vanilla, and then it dries down to a chocolate, vanilla scent with maybe a slight note of berries in the background. It’s a really nice vanilla too - not a sugary sweet sugar cookie vanilla but an oak barrel aged vanilla. And the oak note is not enough to make it dark, but it just grounds it a little. Normally I hate those wood notes because they’re so heavy handed and dark, but it seriously smells like those nicely balanced high end oak aged vanillas. This also lasted longer than other gourmand brands I have tried, with the base notes staying distinct (and not just turning into a vague sweet smell, like a lot of other brands).
By   - Self employed  from Los Angeles on 6/21/2019
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