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220g $65
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The iridescence is beautiful, but it's just a holographic sticker put on the glass. Which would be fine if the seam weren't so obvious in the back and you weren't paying $65. If you love the scent of Lush's Rose Jam products, you'll enjoy this. Very similar. Projection is strong enough to overpower a closet or small bathroom, even when unlit, but not a bedroom unless you've had it burning a while.
By   - Writer from Ohio on 8/3/2018
As a huge rose fan, roses with rain -- or, as I've seen this candle described elsewhere, petrichor -- sounds perfect to me. As it turns out, this candle is a VERY fruity rose, with no detectable rain or petrichor note, dominated by a familiar "red berries" accord. Not unpleasant, but quite different than I was expecting, and I find it a bit overwhelming in its fruitiness. Worth noting that the irridescent packaging is created by a piece of plastic film that's wrapped around the glass jar and glued down, rather than a coating on the glass itself. It's very pretty, but do note that it's just a plain glass jar with a fancy label, rather than a sort of art-glass piece.
By   - Perfume enthusiast from Bay Area on 8/1/2018
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