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Whoa... amazing stuff. Every word of the above description is true. That these are costly, aged naturals is evident from the first sniff; no synthetic oud in the world can match the real deal: smoky, dark, exotic, rubbery, with animalic undertones. Haunting dark florals, with peachy osmanthus, and a richly aged santal support the oud, and an intriguing fruity boozy quality, like peach brandy, suffuses the whole scent. Ambergris, musk and civet lend their leathery, wild intrigue. You can feel your brain reaching out to embrace these rich natural smells. Not for beginners, nor for the penurious (!) but an amazing, heady journey into the ancient Far East. In what past incarnation have you smelled these before?
By   - digital artist from central texas, usa on 5/28/2020
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