Purple Kinam Legends Oud

Pure Oud

by Ensar Oud

Purple Kinam Legends Oud Sizes Available:
0.7gr $599
0.1gr sample $83
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Did You ever wonder how it would feel if Angels could appear and dance around You? Now You can experience it with Ensar Oud.Just a tiny drop will open up a space around You to inflow of energy from higher dimensions and You will experience Elixir of Life in action! You will be uplifted, purified, healed and for the next ca. 10 hours You will find the atmosphere around You filled with blooming flowers, orchards filled with ripe plums and juicy grapes, ocean breeze and coolness of snowy Everest.Ensar Oud has a consciousness of it’s own, that communes with You all day long and which can help You experience Heaven, while still living on Earth! )Thank You to Ensar Oud for making this Amazing Experience possible!Best Wishes to Every One!
By   - Artist from Stamford on 7/9/2018
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