Jing Shen Lu Organic Oud

Pure Oud

by Ensar Oud

Jing Shen Lu Organic Oud Sizes Available:
3gr $350
0.3gr sample $39
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Here's what other people are saying about Jing Shen Lu Organic Oud...
So pleased to see Ensar’s products on Luckyscent! ! I''ve sampled about 6 of his oils over the past few months through his own site, much better shipping deal to sample these through Luckyscent. Of the 6 I tried, Jing Shen Lu is by far my favorite, and the smoothest, most intriguing, natural smelling oilfragrance I have ever encountered. A kind of combination between a brilliant forest, spa-like and very light floral smell with a little bit of mentholcamphorous effect. Some of Ensar''s other ouds definitely have the renowned oud barnyard smell, but not this one. The only problem with smelling these is you realize how artificial most of your fragrance collection is after putting your nose! You only need the barest dab of it on your wrist.
By   - Executive from San Francisco on 7/7/2018
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