Areej Le Dore

The Mysore Incense

Pure Sandalwood Incense

Approx 30 sticks $40
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I ordered this spectacular Mysore Sandalwood incense along with a bottle of Koh-i-Noor and I can say without reservation this is the most phenomenal Sandalwood incense I've smelled in over 20 years. It's definitely Mysore, and I had almost forgotten the true beauty of this incense because of the shortage over the past few decades. The perfumer, Areej Le Dore, is so wonderful at selecting the most beautiful scents for the perfumes he creates, and this Sandalwood is living proof of that. I can't even imagine how the sinking OUD incense must smell. What a magical gift to the senses!! Pure luxury :)
By   - Technology Specialist from San Francisco on 2/7/2019
Its okay. Not great, not bad. The best i can describe it while burning is campfire. The smoke takes over and you don't really get any of the sandalwood scent. Once it is done burning and the smoke has cleared, that is when you get the real sandalwood scent. Very light, not at all overpowering. Smells very nice though, for an hour or two. Then its gone.
By   - Finance from Aberdeen on 12/23/2018
The short rosewood container may be lovely, but the fragile sticks are very thin and half as long as an incense stick, and they don't have the bare stick at the end, so when you try to hold them or set them in an incense burner, they break and crumble. The scent itself is acrid and nondescript. The incense maker has evidently never been trained in the traditional techniques used to bind, capture, and convey the divine scent of pure sandalwood. You can't just press sawdust powder together. A good way to turn a quick profit, but that's not what incense is.
By   - Editor/Writer from NYC on 10/7/2018
I'm afraid they spent more time on the wooden tube for packaging than the sticks themselves. I don't get much "quality sandalwood" - just generic (albeit "clean") burning wood dust that, at times (especially when smoke inhaled from up-close) reminded me of unfiltered cigarettes in the 1970's that my uncles used to smoke and I was a wee little kid. I have real Mysore sandalwood fragrances and oils, super hard to find these days, and these incense sticks did not remind me of any of these fragrances or oils. Also, the description says "approximately 50 sticks"... The tube I got had 27 sticks in it and it was so jam-packed you couldn't squeeze the 28th one in it if you wanted to.
By   - n/a from n/a on 10/3/2018
Top quality sandalwood; I haven't had stuff of this quality for many decades. The only caveat is: the sticks are small (5 inches), and burn quickly. This is an incense to burn close to where you're sitting so you can enjoy it, not one to fragrance a whole room. Is it a good value? Depends on your perspective.
By   - Retired from Naperville on 9/11/2018
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