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I like wearing this, but won't buy. It doesn't stand out as something I love, although I enjoy how it blends with ones own body smell. I cannot detect individual notes as I sniff my clothes.
By   - Health field from seattle on 4/11/2018
Not sure what I am saying wrong since this is my third attempt to write a review for Mosaic I usually go for gourmands, but I ordered a bottle of Mosaic and have been very happy, The spicieness is wonderful. It isn’t overpowering and works well for females and males. It needs to be refreshed occasionally. But I don’t mind. The bottle and box it comes in are fabulous, as well. I will be purchasing more
By   - info Tech from San Antonio on 3/24/2018
I am loving this new fragrance. For someone who is totally a gourmand (l love Tihota), I was surprised that I liked the sample enough to immediately order a bottle. I really like the spicy, woody scent. It's very subtle. If you like bold scents that last the entire day, this probably isn't for you. It doesn't leave a scent cloud and I usually reapply once during the day, but I have no problem with that. The photo should also include the amazing velvet-lined box that it comes in.
By   - IT Administrator from San Antonio on 10/24/2017
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