Ambra Calabria

Extrait de Parfum

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I can hardly believe how this fragrance changes over time, deftly transitioning from the green, resinous top note to a lush, warm vanilla (one that is almost edible, rather than obnoxiously sweet). I ordered a fb on the description and intrigue alone, and my first spray was a letdown, until 15 minutes passed and I realized that the delicious scent was me! This is the first fragrance in a long time that lasts for many hours, and has garnered compliments ( a female co-worker has said a few times she wants to nuzzle me to keep smelling it).
By   - Investments from NYC on 8/25/2017
The promised transition from citrus to creamy is practically a gymnastics feat, but darned if this lovely thing doesn’t nail it. The top notes are citrus-juicy and yet sweet, like a really amazing minted lemonade; the move into less pointy territory is aided by a genial salt-air note that overrides vanilla and jasmine’s more treacly tendencies. A summery fragrance that forgoes whimsy in favor of charm.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/5/2017
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