The House Of Oud

Each Other

Eau de Parfum

75ml $220 $150
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A comfy lemony resinous cologne. I love the house of oud but this one fall just short of their other offerings. Might I recommend live in colors for a more indulgent experience. I am in no way disparaging this fragrance though! The juice is of high quality and the bottle is gorgeous. I should say that I do have an extreme bias towards the more obvious citrus inspired fragrances so don't let this reviewer stop you from trying.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 3/16/2019
I tried several samples from the House of Oud and ended up buying a bottle of this. You need very little to make it work. Great sillage and longevity. A great citrus/herbal opening that changes slightly over the course of wear . The mistake I made is using 2 full sprays this stuff is potent.
By   - Business management  from Las cruces on 2/7/2019
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