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I really like the lime-weed- smoke scent. Clean and crisp however, is gone in a very short time. Not much hang time for the money.
By   - Dog Trainer from Northbridge on 12/25/2019
I am always up for meeting a delightful weirdo in the world of fragrance, and Jack is definitely that. The weed note is clean, not skunky -- imagine breaking up a freshly cut leaf in your fingers -- but it mainly acts to support that wonderful lime on its journey. I seem to have caught more presence of pepper and nutmeg than other reviewers did, and between the two they sanded off much of lime’s sourness, leaving only the juicy goodness. Drydown is, as mentioned, fairly abrupt, but it’s a tobacco-and-frankincense joy when it arrives. Witty and wearable.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/21/2018
When I tried Jack it seemed like it was custom blended to suit my tastes. I was looking for a go to warm weather scent and after sampling more than 100 scents, Jack was absolutely "the one". The main notes of lime and a fresh green marijuana accord have just the right amount of supporting cast to give perfect depth. Truly a creative twist that is universally wearable. Thank you Richard Grant!
By   - Disabled from THOMASTON on 6/13/2017
Based on the (gratis) sample I already like this fragrance, but will caution that it is an oddball bit of business, all top and bottom and nothing in the middle. The citrus went to the vetiver/musk very quickly. The vetiver/musk said "too soon" and it went back to the top. The lime took over, a pungent and refreshing top note. The bottom notes re-emerged, and they all went hand in hand for about three hours. Personally did not get much spice or pepper. But I think it's a very good, odd, perfume.
By   - Unoccupied from Portland on 2/16/2017
Crisp, fresh, but runs out of gas way to quick. I would wear it often for daytime, but alas it wouldn't last even part of the day.
By   - Healthcare from Honolulu on 11/21/2016
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