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Esprit de Kadisha

Scented Candle

Esprit de Kadisha Sizes Available:
180gr / 40hr burn $55
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Here's what other people are saying about Esprit de Kadisha...
Purchased this in Beirut and find it so luxurious. It has so much depth from the combination of a rich smoke balanced by a cozy, inviting balsamic incense. Reminded me of an incense-based Cire Trudon candle, but found it a slightly warmer. It's stunning in cold weather, and a bit heavy for a hot night. Fragrance is strong enough that I smell it when I'm within a few feet of it. I purchased it because it felt quite masculine, but anyone that visits and smells it (different genders/aesthetics) let's out an audible "oooh".
By   - Marketing from San Francisco on 10/7/2019
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