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Cologne a la Russe

Eau de Cologne

Cologne a la Russe Sizes Available:
100ml $128
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Cologne a la Russe...
Absolutely beautiful. Every single day, I keep going for this one. I love the Cologne à la Française too, but Cologne à la Russe is really gorgeous to me. Opens very fresh, very natural, with bergamot and lavender. But the benzoin is the key here. Sort of powdery but in a good way. Smells like dream skin. It is subtle, it's a cologne after all, but this is really perfect. Soulful cologne....
By   - Musician  from Montréal on 11/10/2018
This one is a keeper. Very fresh opener and then a smooth dry down that settles into an elegant bouquet. There is enough going on to work as a refined men's scent without too much pretence. A little light on the longevity, but sometimes subtle is good.
By   - Designer from NY on 3/23/2018
I've tried four of these: the Italian, the French, the Violet, and this one, the Russian. I'm fond of all of them for different reasons, but this one is my favorite. In the suffocating heat and humidity of a Phoenix summer, this one reminds me that a cologne has an important part in lifting my mood, keeping me calm and smelling great for more than an hour. Low sillage (important for light rail riders), but with some tenacity (so you still smell good when you walk into an air conditioned building), it's a comforting light scent. Don't let the "light" confuse you into thinking "citrus" or "soapy," it's not. The iris and benzoin add real texture and interest. And at this price, easily full-bottle worthy.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 8/11/2016
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