Project Renegades

Geza Schoen

Eau de Toilette

Geza Schoen Sizes Available:
100ml $210
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Geza Schoen...
This fragrance is an absolutely blast, and time I catch a whiff of it, my heart races. It's loud, fun, and unabashedly synthetic. Bright citrus, juniper, smoke, pepper, and a nuclear dose of ISO E Super. Crazy Longevity and Sillage, so be easy on the trigger (you've been warned). I usually don't go for these types loud, in your face type fragrances, but one has serious addition potential. Bravo, Luckyscent. Thanks for including this sample with a recent purchase.
By   - Sales Professional from Roanoke on 10/10/2016
These bottles are hilarious! Truly original.
By   - Retired from Boise on 6/11/2016
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